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Far Cry 3 has stopped working problem Reward $1
Created by a454545, 567 days ago, 5639 views

I can't play it more than 3 min.
I Crack it successfully . How I can fix it???
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ChessKing566 days ago

It looks like your computer's graphics card is stopping your game.This is possible because of the lack of resources for this game.If such a message is presented is not often and not in all games it is not critical,normally if a problem 10-20% of the games.If the problem is repeated in many games suggest to first try to run the game with more freed RAM.If that does not work it will help a replacement video card of your computer more powerful.

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chakramed566 days ago


you all need to stope some unnecessary services running on your windows

please watch this vedio to solve this crashing . (1 min only)


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a454545565 days ago

ohh thanks but it doesn't work...

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Fclef565 days ago

if the Company has Support call them thy should help You out.

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chakramed565 days ago

There is a solution!

Try to shutdown the windows service the name call "Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service".

1) Open Task Manager

2) Go to Services

3) Identify TabletInputService (Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service)

4) Stop the service

5) Launch FarCry3

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chakramed565 days ago

what is your laptop configuration cpu ram graphics etc ....

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a454545565 days ago

ASUS N552vw Touch
Nvidia 960M 4GB
CPU Intel core i7 6700hq

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chakramed564 days ago

for information fry cry have some isseu with windows x64 (64bit) and works fine with x86 (32bit).

If your windows is 64 bit then you need to installa a 32 bit version of windows OS.

1) Everyone encountering same problem have Windows 10 64-bit. I have Far Cry 3 working smoothly on another PC, having Windows 10 32-bit, also updated from 8.1.

2) Problem is related to DirectX audio file, xaudio2_7.dll, possibly because of its incompatibility with a new OS.

3) Disabling Realtek Audio (or any other sound driver) will remove crash, but you play silent. Not a solution.

4) It is definitely Microsoft bug, since I tried re-installing Far Cry for hundreds of times, run in every single compatibility combination, even tried running couple pirated releases - no result.

5) Re-installing DirectX, Visual C++ and .NET Framework don't give any positive result.

Source :


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MaksimBurdakovskij561 days ago

Reinstall game,delete all only keep Folder of you walktrought!

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Taj550 days ago

Update drivers

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gyoom549 days ago

For example: Driver Booster. Easy driver update.

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Taj549 days ago

@gyoom Yes, if that is easy for you.
I usually nvidia utilities or their site to download and install the driver update.

You can download the latest driver for your card and perform a clean install. It is more effective on such problems.

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Ddefeat463 days ago


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a454545463 days ago

thanks a lot

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funnyjokes359 days ago

Thanks for your sharing. Hope you can contribute more quality posts to this page. Thank you!

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nikituz358 days ago

Try to run it with an earlier version of windows.

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