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Created by 0908192, 187 days ago, 350 views

Why does the dos window keep on coming out?
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MAKEROFMONY2186 days ago

Read this:

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ha14186 days ago


OfficeBackgroundTaskHandlerRegistration flashes a window every hour
Task Scheduler > Microsoft > Office > Right click "OfficeBackgroundTaskHandlerRegistration" > Disable

taskeng.exe command prompt - get out of my face

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scarlett178 days ago

Hi,You have to enable your firewall.use a good antivirus program then scan your PC.Read this article to manually remove this virus from PC.

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ChessKing168 days ago

The most important part of finding a solution to this problem is to find the programs that are causing this error message.
How to achieve this goal:
Simultaneously clamp the "Win"and " R".
To type "cmd" and confirm your action.
At the command prompt, use the following order: schtasks >> %userprofile%desktoptasks.txt.
A new task file will appear on the desktop.txt. It must be started
Next is to continue work on the PC in normal mode and wait for the next manifestation of this conflict. Check its appearance at the time specified in this file. This will make it possible to determine the source of the resulting trouble.

It now remains to remove the cause. Naturally, the simplest way is to uninstall the problematic product. But not always this way to can ambush'm a do-er, so as not fact, that he will find a good alternative on replacement. Therefore, it is recommended to initially try out other options.

For example, deactivating the automatic update feature for this SOFTWARE:

Through the "start" go to "control Panel", where to click on "Administration".
To carry out an immediate transition in the task scheduler.
Go to the Microsoft folder, then "Windows2, where to find the folder of the desired program.
Jump into it. A list of some components appears in the screen. Click on them with the right mouse button and select disable.
Naturally, if the user decided, after all, to remove such PO from the hard disk, it is also not very difficult to implement the plan:

Go back to" control panel", only go to"Programs and features" in It.
In the list, find the right one and click on the provided "Delete"option.
What else can be done? For example, the prohibition of automatic updates directly in the settings menu of the program itself. At some products such opportunity is present-it simply needs to be found.

Another alternative – the destruction of the file responsible for updating the program. It should be used only if the user knows what he's doing.

You can find such a component in two possible places:

Directly in the main folder ON.
At C:Users%username% AppDataLocal.
If you are searching for the second option, make sure that the stealth settings feature is not enabled in the AppData folder. The file itself often looks like a copied name of the SOFTWARE with the addition of the word "update". To uninstall, you must first go to the processes tab of task Manager (using Ctrl+Del+Alt) and stop it.
By the way, one of the reasons for the appearance of such trouble may be the service itself Windows Update. It can be switched to manual operation:
Repeat the combination of "Win" and "R".
Drive in: add services.msc.
In the list, find the service and go to it by double clicking the left mouse button.
It remains only to rearrange the download type to manual and save the changes.

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chakramed167 days ago

chek stratup programes to see wich task is starting with windows logon

On your keyboard, press Ctrl, Alt and Delete at the same time.
Click Task Manager.
Click the Startup tab. You should now see a list of every program that starts when Windows is loaded. To disabled an item, right click on it and click Disable.

When you are done, close the Task Manager. Changes will apply next time you restart your machine.

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maybemaybe165 days ago

Start Task Manager on your computer, complete this process

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