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Created by lybwrsh, 142 days ago, 731 views

I wanna connect to my modem and I entered password but it didn't connect...Just say "Cann't connect to this Network "
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the_psycho130 days ago

there are two sollutions you can try :

First one : restarting your computer wifi device (how ? follow the steps below.)
1. right click on your wifi and click on "Open network and sharing center"
2. now on the left panel click on "change adapter settings"
3. right click on "wireless Network Adapter" and click on "Disable"
4. now right click on it again and click on "enable" and try to connect to your wifi again.

Second one : just reboot your Router ( this problem happen on some routers when running for a long time without restart )

if this does not solve your problem, then you should check your router settings (WAN SETTINGS) maybe you are using "MAC adresse Filter" (block some devices from connecting by MAC Adresse).

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ouzainaahmohedeen142 days ago

maybe u have entered a wrong password while typing in try it again

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ha14142 days ago


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AAA1992141 days ago

check your Modem ..reset modem and configure again ...
Good luck...

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TROUBL3130 days ago

make sure the firewall isnt blocking it .. if your in a private network and try loging in to public it will block the connection.. also group sharing can mess alot of actions up .. basic app launchs can be disrupted.. best to go in computer management and see wat the log is saying for that event...

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confitz6129 days ago

Reboot your Router and or modem with those little pin holes on the back of the router and modem, Also restart the device. You may have to download a driver if anything is new or has been updated recently. You can find the drivers online through the name of the company that it is from. If you do download the driver you may have to restart the computer in order for it to register that it happened. The install steps are usually very easy to follow once downloaded. Once you have done all that like one comment said above check your firewall settings if you know how to do that and make sure its not being blocked.

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CrackSoftPCIDM128 days ago

Well.... i think the modem is configured on MAC address. you should open the modem settings and enter the mac address and then next. Done.... Now enter the password, I am sure that your problem will solve...

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manojp121 days ago

This article will help you to solve your problems.

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valeriojunio117 days ago

sometimes can be several means that render connection useless.
You can see from the answers of other answerers some of the possible things that block wifi connection.
Other possibility can be changing the channels of the router (router can have more than one channels and sometimes exterior interference can stop one or more channels). So you can change the number of the channel and try.
this is one possibility, other can be:
-stop and reactivate router
-restart the computer
-verify if wifi radio is on and /or if radio wifi is going normally
-verify the signal is not too far from the computer (or if there are walls too great)
there are also other possibility but these are the most frequent, in my opinion at my home i prefer to connect my computers with cable, with cable we don't need to hope in the ideal conditions that not ever we can have.

excuse-me for little anglish, I'm not mother tongue

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Fclef111 days ago

OK that's easy shut off modem for 15 seconds then tune it back on it my ask four Pass then back on Hope that Help's

Modems do that very often expect it often Hope that Helps.even xfinity S....

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