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Created by dilesh1982, 198 days ago, 584 views

Plz define what is blogging
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MAKEROFMONY2198 days ago

Read this:

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ChessKing198 days ago

Blog, in short it is a text or video file prepared in advance by a person that is a blogger who is published in the public domain on the Internet in the form of an article or video.

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CoolCat197 days ago


Blogging is writing and publishing articles by an author (called blogger) on his personal page of the website (blog). Depending on the subject of a weblog it can also contain video, photo, audio and other information. One of the oldest and best known blog sites is

Some sites like YouTube allow users to create personal channels, download their videos and manage vlogs (video blogs). Such users are also called bloggers (or vloggers because of using video as the primary content).

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anhot184 days ago

Blogging is writing and publishing posts about something you like. I personally run my own blog on fashion and beauty. Btw, I've just discovered some cool fonts I can apply to my blog - . Maybe somebody of you wiil find them useful too

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Jakab103 days ago

Blogging is best way to express your feelings. You can share your experience, your thoughts and many more on here. There are many websites like blogger and where you can post your own blogs. Thank you for asking. If you still can't find your answer and i recommend you find it in google. I am 100% sure that you will find your answer over there.

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