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Win 10 boot problem Reward $1
Created by bbooker, 932 days ago, 4599 views

Win 10 always locks up at the blue window screen. A forced power off then power on will always work. Using an install media & choosing to fix the boot process finds no problem. Is there any solution other than a total new install?

Clarification: Blue window screen does NOT mean the BSOD. It is the screen where the 4 panel window appears in the middle of the screen & the small rotating dots appear beneath it. Usually, about the 4th or 5th rotation the dots freeze & that's it.

Clarification: I did try a new install finally. I even deleted the old partitions (including the hidden one), then repartitioned & reformatted the drive. Didn't help.

Clarification: There are no error conditions in the log file relative to this.

Clarification: Thinking back, this seems to have started after the big update last fall. Since it still occurs after a new installation, it could be a Microsoft problem from that update.

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CoolCat932 days ago

It may be caused by different reasons. Check your RAM, HDD and graphic card.

Look at the list of error codes, hope it will help you to figure out -

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chakramed930 days ago

Like if you plug USB mouse, the USB dongle or any other USB devices into your PC, try to unplug them.

Reboot your Windows 10 into the normal mode to see if it succeeds.

If unluckily, you still cannot access your Windows 10 with all the fixes , follow Windows 10 Recovery Options to make your Windows back to the early time working properly.


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ha14930 days ago


Track your device and performance health in Windows Defender

Sometimes, toggling the fast startup setting can help resolve stop errors. On the search bar, type “Control Panel” and select it. Then select Hardware and Sound > Power Options > System Settings. Under Shutdown settings, find Turn on fast startup (recommended). If this setting is turned off, select the check box. If it’s turned on, clear the check box.

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daveblackson930 days ago

Video drovers don't always cleanup all of the old driver when it updates. Nvidia is one of the most popular video applications on windows PC's and often updates to the latest driver when new games come out. Over the years I have found that no one cleans up the drivers after a new driver is installed and will cause slow startup or even black or blue screen after reboot. Running the system cleanup will correct this problem by running disk cleanup and then click on, clean up system files will cleanup left over drivers from your computer and should be ran every time a driver updates.

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firstsayno927 days ago

Like if you plug USB mouse, the USB dongle or any other USB devices into your PC, try to unplug them.

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dannie910 days ago

i think the best way is install a new win 10. any problems are solved

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HotDeals905 days ago

Just instll a new one. BTW, you can get more Computers & Software Coupons at to save on your order.

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Tiny352905 days ago

Try a windows 10 reinstall. it should nip it in the computer so to speak. I think you got a bug in your system.

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lorien0688897 days ago

Try performing the startup repair, In Windows Advanced Options menu, choose " Startup Repair" option. Next, select the target operating system to fix. Windows will initiate the repair and then restart. Hope this help you but if not then perform a System Restore

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eutopian872 days ago

I recently ran into a similar issue, but in my case Windows 10 would load the wallpaper and display what should be the Sign In Options page but there would be not actual password box. When I would hit any key on the keyboard it would reboot back to the same page / state.

The solution I came up with was to create a Windows 10 Bootable USB Thumb Drive from another Windows 10 Laptop that was running the same version of Windows 10. Then I booted windows off of the USB Thumb Drive. This brought me to the Windows Diagnostic Boot Page which allowed me to boot into repair mode, which simply rebooted Window and brought the Sign In options back up.

Perhaps you could give this a whirl and see if it help. Best of Luck!


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Fclef866 days ago

Microsoft Win 10 is still Worst op there is senses Win 95 it's not You thy stooped Supporting All other Win.

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MaksimBurdakovskij866 days ago

Try the nearest diagnostic center!Usualy diagnostic free...Often blue screen is the bad connecting of hardware inside PCs!

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Fclef835 days ago

win10 still has fleas from it's exception over a Year ago hope that helps,How is it were sell typed at a $1.00 and $3.00 left the Bld.

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UncleXNL809 days ago

Every BLUE screen is the same it indicates a hardware error, hardware might be overheated, or something like the video cart is not connecting properly, even a broken USB device could cause it, (IT IS HIGHLY UNIKELY IT's a driver problem since they have a digital signature nowadays, so it's a hardware problem) maybe the copper contacts on the bus have oxidized, the easiest way to fix it is check the heat and contacts, if that doesn't work turn everything off and try squirting Spiritus in the slot (whenn all power is off and battery not connected) it will dry quickly and now the slot is clean, if slot and but are clean, your video card should connect as new. A BLUE SCREEN ALWAYS IS AN HARDWARE-ERROR, so check temperature, cooling and connections, that will fix it for sure! Time to clean up that system!

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fgt052962808 days ago

Is it possible to get a screen shot of your "blue screen"?

Here a few tips on troubleshooting:

-- Update the system BIOS if applicable

-- run a system/hardware check, particular the memory, via the BIOS interface

-- Make sure all your drivers are up-to-date (use manufacturer AND Intel online auto-detection method); also check "Device Manager" for missing drivers or non-working devices.

-- use "Device CleanUp Tool" to remove excessive list of non-present devices (Hint: run as Administrator); I had 2 cases where literally 100's of n-p (or left-over) devices clogged up the system to freeze repeatedly. (D/L link:

-- Scan system for errors - open an elevated Command window and run
sfc /scannow - see if that reports any corruption
followed by
DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth
repeat above processes in case of errors

-- eliminate 3rd-party driver and/or service issues by disabling all non-Microsoft services in "System Configuration -> Service-Tab" (Start->Run->msconfig->Enter) Hint: check box "Hide all Microsoft services" and the click "Disable all". Reverse process after reboot and test.

Get back to the community with some results of your tests/troubleshooting.

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rahulsinghdigit777 days ago

The most bizarre fix for Windows 10 boot problems is Safe Mode. It is an alternative boot scheme that starts your computer with a minimum of software. Filter Paper

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rajeshsharma768 days ago

The automatic startup repair tool is probably one of the best features in Windows 10. This can be accessed by launching the Advanced Settings on your system while it is getting started. From there, you can choose to "Troubleshoot" the issue.

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