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I want to save a song from youtube. How do I do it? Reward $1
Created by Casetes, 223 days ago, 539 views

Is there some way to do it easily? I would appreciate your input here
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grems223 days ago

In order to download a video or a song from YouTube, I recommend you to get the app from It is available for Mac and PC and can be easily used then. Just paste the link to your video and wait until it is downloaded to your storage. Hope you will like it

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ha14223 days ago


try this online tool

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Zero03223 days ago

Hello @Casetes I would recommend this site:
It works well and I use it almost every day! (Just try not to click on any ads, it will be safest for your PC, as much as I love the site I hate to tell you that sometimes there will be an ad that pops up and it will try to say it is the Downloader for the youtube video but it will only download malware).
Hope this helps you!

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andiupn222 days ago

i suggest you use Youtube GO.

since it legal and safely to download from gogle.
and its fast to..

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CoolCat221 days ago


use FastestTube add-on. It creates a button under youtube video where you can choose format to download.

Another one is Skyload for Opera.

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papaz218 days ago
you can even preview clips before downloabing

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Pravy218 days ago

If you are on a PC. Just changing a but will allow you to download a YouTube video.

Like thia


See what I did there in the 2nd link? I just added "ss" to the existing link and pressed enter then it allowed me to download the video with ease.

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Misterheri215 days ago

My experience to download youtube music is using my android phone. The apk is TubeMate. Sorry, it's not available in Play Store, but here:

1. It gives many some options on screen video resolution we want, ex: 1920 X 1080 (MP4), 1280 X 720 (MP4), 854 X 480(MP4), 640 X 360 (MP4), 320 X 180 (MP4), 256 X 144 (MP4), 176 X 144 (3GP), AUDIO(M4A/AAC, 128k), AUDIO(OGG,128k), AUDIO(MP3,128k), and WEBM.

So, if you want to download the music audio only, choose Audio format you prefer.

2. It give ability to download play list. Just type in the search box for ex: Golden Memory Song Playlist. The apk, will download all the content of the playlist.

3. The interface is also user-friendly, similar to youtube apk. So, you can preview, skip timer bar, or go to next videos.

Hopefully, it helps you.

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jeetkml207 days ago

You can download youtube mp3 down-loader accordingly your OS like on Windows or MacOS chrome or Mozilla extension is best

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muthu206 days ago

1) Using downloader website software you tube songs converted into mp3 format and then it can be stored in the system.

2)from fire fox browser add on extention download "simple youtube to mp3 conver and downloader " install it in firefox browser. select the song from you tube you want to copy. by clicking " simple youtube to mp3 .."it converts the selected song into mp3/mp4 format and stores it in the system.

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ittech193 days ago or best site to download youtube

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Fclef141 days ago

Hi that's easy Add to Book mark You can click on it at any other time then play it to Your harts desires.hope that helps

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