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Which is the Best Web Browser for PC? Reward $1
Created by sandipguchait, 15 days ago, 727 views

Which is the Best Web Browser for PC?
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daveblackson15 days ago

Microsoft Edge

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ha1414 days ago


Nowadays microsoft recommends Microsoft Edge over IE (provided for backwards compatibility with websites written for IE), on 2018 Google Chrome – Overall top web browser

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Zero0314 days ago

Hi @sandipguchait
Personally, I think you should use Google Chome or Microsoft edge. If you have a laptop and you need to save its battery power, then you should definitely pick Microsoft edge, as google chrome uses much more power than Microsoft edge. If you have a desktop PC (like me) or you are looking to install a lot of add-ons and be able to change the background look of the browser, etc. you should pick google chrome. I wouldn't recommend using any other browser than these two, in the end though, it's really up to you.

Hope this helps!

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AAA199214 days ago

is hard Question , All browser are Good .
I used Most browsers ,but ,I like opera , a browser with more Capabilities and user freindly graphic user interface ..
firefox Quantum are Good version of fire fox .with better Capabilities ...
chrome still have Simple graphic user interface ..and Poweful ...

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jeetkml14 days ago

Mozilla Firefox is best on Linux , Windows ,Mac or others . Mozilla is Open Source and most compatible, unique and stable than others .

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muthu13 days ago

if you want speed maxthon nitro is best. Google chrome comes with so many features. you can add extensions from its store. Fire fox also comes with so many features. Opera is also has many features with speed. it has turbo search function to search faster . Tor browser is for annonymous search. Mirosoft Edge is also having many features. it can compete with Google Chrome. Vivaldi is also good, You can choose any of these as per your requirements.

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mehdizarei22013 days ago

Google Chrome est le meilleur navigateur du monde sur Internet, notamment: Les plug-ins haute vitesse et un flux de travail illimité sont faciles.

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igor13 days ago

UC Browser for PC.A modern cross-platform browser, featuring a data compression function that allows you to save up to 85% of traffic. It uses the modern Chromium framework, which correctly converts the site code into visual pages and expands the functionality of the browser through plug-ins. The program is very popular among mobile phone users, but UC Browser can also be downloaded for Windows 10, 7, XP, 8 computers.

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jordianz13 days ago

Despite the increasing prevalence of apps to serve every need imaginable, the Web browser remains central to modern life. It's a container for not just webpages, but truly active, interactive apps, even video conferencing and gaming. It's your email reader, your music and video player, and potentially even your videoconferencing window. Web apps can now pop up notifications, use your camera and microphone, and handle advanced 3D visualizations. Fortunately, choice in Web browsers is only growing, after something of a period of stagnation.

New browser entries include Microsoft's Edge, the Web-surfing software that arrived with Windows 10, Vivaldi (from the creator of Opera), Brave (from the creator of JavaScript), and two separate options from Maxthon, one for speed and one loaded with features. The latest entry comes from Opera, with the experimental Opera Neon browser that's far different from any traditional browser.

Microsoft's fast-but-barebones Edge browser leapt onto the scene as Windows 10's included Web software after a series of Internet Explorer versions no longer could cut the mustard. I say barebones, but the browser includes some nifty, unique features, like Web Notes, which lets you select, annotate, and share webpages; an ad-free Reading view, and integrated search and social sharing. To those its latest version added tab pinning and extension support.

Privacy and ad-blocking features have made a big showing in the browser world. It makes some sense, since consumers surveyed have overwhelmingly stated that they prefer not to have their Web browsing tracked. The new Brave browser is all about sparing you from Web ads. Maxthon and Opera now ship with built in ad blockers. And Firefox blocks third-party trackers while in Private Browsing mode—something I wish all browser makers would follow. The one exception to this trend towards greater privacy protections is Google's Chrome—unsurprisingly, as it comes from a company that makes its money by serving ads based on behavioral targeting.

Two features that I consider essential for consuming today's Web ad-free reading modes and share buttons. You'll find these included by default in several of the browsers, but for those that don't, you can find extensions that provide the functionality. So many sites are overloaded with ads of all stripes and auto-play videos that browsing the Web unhindered has gotten more and more difficult. And one of today's most common actions is, when you see an intriguing story online, to share it to your favorite social network. Why shouldn't the browser make this easier?

The move away from content that makes use of Adobe's Flash technology has been an ongoing issue in Web browser functionality. Firefox is the first of them to actually take action, making Flash content on-demand, rather than auto-playing it. Google has stated that an upcoming release of Chrome will do the same. Meanwhile, Chrome and Edge are the only browsers that come with Flash built-in, which, while politically incorrect, ends up being most convenient.

Another issue in the browser world of late has been battery usage. Tech news stories claiming that Chrome was a laptop battery killer have been circulating for a few years. Last June, Microsoft published a video showing that using its Edge browser prolonged battery life significantly. And then Opera chimed in saying its browser's Battery Saver mode was even more efficient than Edge. Despite all this, my testing showed a surprise leader: Firefox.

In JavaScript benchmarks, Edge does in fact have an edge at the moment, even beating Chrome and the rest on Google's own Octane 2.0 benchmark, as well as on a few others. In support for emerging Web standards, Chrome still takes top honors on Niels Leenheer's HTML5Test, which adds up how many coding features are recognized by a browser—though it doesn't measure whether the features are correctly implemented. A lot of what it measures is used by barely any sites, and all the browsers here will render all the major sites and Web services perfectly well.

In any case, get out there and try a new browser! You may find that it has some cool features or performance characteristics that appeal to you more than the one you've been using. Read through the summaries below and click through to the full, tested reviews to find out which suits your needs best.

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loucypher13 days ago

firefox the new version is faster than any other browser

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l6942612 days ago

In fact, many browsers on the market, summed up can be divided into three major types of kernel browsers: IE kernel, Google kernel, Firefox kernel. Commonly marketed dual core browsers include both the IE kernel and Google kernel while Firefox is dedicated to Firefox.
Google Chrome browser Google browser is also a web browser developed by Google (Google) Company. This browser is written based on other open source software including WebKit aimed at improving stability speed and security creating simple and efficient user interfaces. Software names are derived from GUI graphics user interfaces (GUI) called Chrome. Download url: http: / / intl / zh-CN / chrome / browser / desktop / index.html, many people like his simple interface and efficiency.
Firefox: Firefox is an autonomous kernel browser. Merit: 1, simple style, especially backbone, home page several major websites navigation are convenient operation. 2 customizable extremely because open source software so available plug-ins are also very numerous 3, high security performance, strong expansibility, because open source software, so software repair vulnerabilities speed very fast. Shortcomings: 1 pages are misplaced browsing pages will appear inaccurate structure because writing pages are not standardized caused sometimes possibly almost. 2, too many plug-ins, resulting in each opening startup speed is particularly slow, opening will soon. 3 because of this Firefox kernel browser on the market, web compatibility is relatively poor.
Browser: Everyone knows what browsers are familiar with. It was also the first browser to occupy markets. Its biggest advantage is better compatibility but somewhat poor speed and security. But the latest version of E10, comparable to chrome, renders pages faster than Chrome 8%. Also safer, according to Forrester, IE 10 is the safest browser on Windows 8. NSS Labs data from third-party research organizations show that IE 10 and IE9 intercept 99.1% malware. Web support 10 supports latest Web standards including support for current industry standards HTML 5 CSS 3 SVG and ECMAScript5.1. Therefore choose IE browser or choose latest version whether it is quite powerful.
: Everyone knows what browsers are familiar with. It was also the first browser to occupy markets. Its biggest advantage is better compatibility but somewhat poor speed and security. But the latest version of E10, comparable to chrome, renders pages faster than Chrome 8%. Also safer, according to Forrester, IE 10 is the safest browser on Windows 8. NSS Labs data from third-party research organizations show that IE 10 and IE9 intercept 99.1% malware. Web support 10 supports latest Web standards including support for current industry standards HTML 5 CSS 3 SVG and ECMAScript5.1. Therefore choose IE browser or choose latest version whether it is quite powerful.

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cocopeanut12 days ago


To answer differently than the top browsers, I'll say that SRWare Iron Browser is a decent, Chrome-like browser based off the same code with the difference that it is more privacy-conscience than Google's Chome browser. From their website:

"Chrome thrilled with an extremely fast site rendering, a sleek design and innovative features. But it also gets critic from data protection specialists , for reasons such as creating a unique user ID or the submission of entries to Google to generate suggestions. SRWare Iron is a real alternative. The browser is based on the Chromium-source and offers the same features as Chrome - but without the critical points that the privacy concern."

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pleaseAnswerMe11 days ago

Now, it is ME(Microsoft Edge) due to having no ads and no redirections and it blocks windows from popping without your permission...
Hope my answer helps you @sandipguchait .
For windows 7 it is Mozilla Firefox because it makes fast downloads, doesn't contain that many ads, fast. (Why didn't I choose IE[Internet Explorer]? It is glitchy a little bit, slow, doesn't work properly)

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patrickahla11 days ago

Google Chrome

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Dolores12410 days ago


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Dolores12410 days ago

Firefox the fastest most secure

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andiupn10 days ago

This is hope to answer your question...

if you use mac and ios device, just use "Safari" , its fast really fast, its integrated each other device also bookmark.

if you use mac and windows or android, use chrome, its fast enough and stable enaough, more importantly its sync bookmark between device different os.

if you want to use browser with limited internet bandwith, use opera, opera use chrome engine, so its fast enough. but also have capability to use turbo mode, so it can be use limited bandwith fast.

if you use desktop pc or mac often, you can use Firefox Latest / Quantum , its use all of your cpu core to fast his renderding website. more fast than chrome and microsoft edge.

hope that help :)

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ahmedaka8 days ago


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ahmedaka8 days ago


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maren6 days ago

Opera is the best browser for PC.

You can resume your browsing and continue with next starting Opera, when next time start Opera.

Firefox is also very good browser, fast and you can use portable version. Easy for use.

Google chrome is spy browser, don't use it.

IE is not secure.
This is enough from me for this.... ask if you have doubt, but Opera is no 1

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papaz5 days ago

Maxthon v.5

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204020145 days ago

Тот с каким работаеш :)

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maren3 days ago

Opera and TOR browser

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fxavi1013 days ago

In my opinion the best web browser is Maxthon has the same motor that Chrome...but is more more faster....

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phil4123 days ago

Firefox or Microsoft edge for me

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Misterheri2 days ago


I my self, use four browser in my laptop. In addition, My OS is Windows 7

1. I use Google Chrome. Since, it's very easy to be synchronized with my android phone. It has also ability to be transferred to other Google Chrome in different devices, such as; I can export the extentions, passwords saved to other PC. So, all the activities using Chrome in my Lapotop will be the same as I use it in my PC.

2. Firefox. I use firefox because it has ton of extentions, and add-ons. So, when I need some rare extentions or addons. I can use their legacy add-ons or Il-legacy (from other parties) add-ons.

3. UC Browser. It's based on chrome cores. It's also easy to be syncrhonized with android phone. Fast, Light, Video downloader is included. It uses the same Google Chrome's extentions.

4. Epic Browser, I use this to keep my privacy when browsing. It's a little bit slower but since the most concern of it is safety browsing, it's great browser when I want to browser some torrent sites. The VPN setting is also included from some countries. Video downloader is also available in Epic browser.

4. Maxthen Browser. It has built add-blocker and works great. It has also clouding browser, So the user can save all the history in clouding platform.

5. Tor Browser. I use this browser when I want to browse Dark Web. This is the only browser recommended to browse in Dark Web (As long as I know)

Finally, Every browser is good, it just depends on what are we going to do in browsing activities. Reading news, Watch movie, Downloading, or etc.

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Denandras1 day ago


I think, Vivaldi is the best, because you can totally customize everything.

There are many features, that no other apps have: built-in notes, window-organizing.

You can download all extensions which are made for Chrome.

You can synchronize your data, if it were lost.

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ilshat881 day ago

самый надежный браузер это яндекс

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Zero031 day ago

Could have just told him to read the article:,2817,1815833,00.asp instead of copying and pasting (cite your source next time please, its more helpful that way).

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jordianz1 day ago

Typically users won't take the time to click on a link, to read something else, hence why I copied and pasted the article itself, instead of criticizing, maybe just see a positive fact that I helped someone ..peace

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astrakos9 hours 21 minutes ago

para mi el google crome

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