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Traveling to paris Reward $1
Created by TrevorKith, 775 days ago, 1530 views

Hi here! I am going to travel to Paris later this year and would like to get some tips regarding attractions and accommodation. Thank you!
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grems775 days ago

Hi there! I visited Paris last year and it is a really great city to travel to. As for hotels, they are really good there but may be a little expensive as for me... I would like to recommend you to think about some apartments for rent. Take a look at the FAQ on it from and you will understand why I am doing it this way. Hope you will find it helpful, good luck and have a great vacation ;)

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vellytan9011775 days ago

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nuklin773 days ago

@TrevorKith is a wonderful site to help you relate to people living in Paris. Also, these links can help you; › Hotels › Europe › France › Ile-de-France, › Europe › France › Ile-de-France › Paris, › France › Ile de France, › Hotels in France › Paris Hotels.

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voineaadi758 days ago

You must see the Louvre museum, the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland and Buddha Bar Paris:

Regarding accomoation, why not use airbnb?
Save money & have fun. Plus you will have your a bonus: your hosts can be your tour giuded.

Have a blast!

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AlexBMW174 days ago

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world! This is a great choice! I also prefer planning my trips in advance. Of course, I always start with booking hotels and flights. Then I look for the information about places of interest. Usually I use for this purpose. This travel platform includes a huge collection of useful sites, so I can always find all necessary info there. I hope, you will also like this source!

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JoEmily41 days ago

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