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Why has the laptop computer camera ( WEBCAM) not seen significant hardware upgrades in decades? Reward $1
Created by karimaourah, 81 days ago, 686 views

For decades now the laptop webcam has not seen any significant change in camera quality, no flash apart from the added ability of being able to rotate and change the view on very few limited models.

My question is why haven't we seen any significan't change to the webcam camera?, unlike on mobile phones and tablets !!!

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chakramed80 days ago

Cameras in laptops are generally used as web cam for VDO calling purpose and not for photography. We don't save and use pics taken by laptop cameras. And will be inconvenient to take pics using laptop camera.
Also for VDO calls picture size must be at lower side for live VDO. And high quality VDO transfer over the network will add lag in live VDO.
In short - there is no need of high quality (web) cameras in laptop.


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MAKEROFMONY281 days ago

Read this it may help you :

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pustoi1170 days ago

the better the camera, the higher the cost. If you want, you can always buy better for usb

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