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 How To Add More Memory to My Hard Disk? -

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How To Add More Memory to My Hard Disk? Reward $1
Created by manizunis, 296 days ago, 722 views

My Laptop hard disk is full and i need more storage.. Can i add more memory to my hard disk?

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Robotman296 days ago

You can't add more memory to your hard disk. If you have a phone with a lot of storage space, you can store your data on it. The other solution is to buy an external hard drive or usb flash drive to store more data like this one:

Wow, a 1 TB hard drive for $1.97.

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muthu296 days ago

external hard disks available in the market. you can buy as per your need. it is available from 500 GB to 2 TB. it is also safe. it is easy to carry anywhere. You can go on adding more external disks as per your requirements. it can be detached from your laptop and kept safely .

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chakramed294 days ago


1) open wise care --> system cleaner --> look down you will found "select all " click on it and then scan
2) in the same window on system cleaner go to advanced cleaner --> look down click on Advanced Settings --> then do "select all " -->press OK --> do a scan and delete all founded files .
3) disable reserved space for trash to do this go to trash ---> right click on it --> propreties ---> and select 2nd option "dont transfer files to trash" ---> apply and ok

4) disable reserved space for system restore to do this go to --> start --> type this in search filed " SystemPropertiesAdvanced " --> click on the result --> go to system protection tab --> if you look down you will find its activated on your C:\ so slect it and press configure like this image :

--> then slide the MAx usage to 1% and dont forget to hit Turn off system protection (also delete old restor point if you dont need by pressing delet bottom ) ---> apply OK

i hopre by doing the full steps you will get more space


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pustoi11283 days ago

You can squeeze and free up space using for example WinRAR.

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voineaadi267 days ago

1.) Run the included "Disk cleanup" utility inside Windows. Go to the partition that is full, right click it and select Properties. On the Properties page, somply click Disk Cleanup, select all possible files in that list, click OK. Done.

2.) Use free cleaning softwaare, like:

Install all of them, they work complementary to each other, they are all good for keeping your HDD clean and they delete useless files.

2.) Run the DISM utility.

I will summarize the useful commands for you:
dism /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup
dism /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup /ResetBase
dism /online /Cleanup-Image /SPSuperseded

These commands above work both in Command Prompt and also in Windows Powershell. Pay attention because you will need to run CMD or Powershell with Admin privileges.

Do all of the above and you should be able to save a lot of good storage space.

3.) Buy a cheap external USB hard disk drive.

Good luck!

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Ravindra_2267 days ago

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Fclef173 days ago

Hi Yes defrag You will have some more space & a faster Computer

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rembanad153 days ago

you can also buy a larger hard disk size and put it inside your laptop. You will take your laptop to a person who fixes laptops and give him the larger internal hard disk size but buying a new external hard disk is better because you will incur cost of formatting new harddisk.

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