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What do you think about invest Crypto currency? Reward $1
Created by AAA1992, 639 days ago, 1151 views

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chakramed638 days ago

Hello invisting in crypto is the new generation on markets many have becomes rich . But , in my experiance on this its very very instable market prices are not stable like gold and oil .Also many companies are scammers I was working in cloud mining with them and they close up so soon ,like you can search on google . My friend my suggestion is to go inviste you money in other domain more secure and stable .
You friend chakramed.


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muthu638 days ago

investing in crypto currency is risky. Take for example bitocoin. had you invested six years ago it would have been worth. now there is mania every where. it is 16000 dollors. within an hour it has raisen from 12000 to 15000 dollors. investing now at this point of time is certainly risky. many regulatory agencies have warned investing in crypto currencies. Countries like China, vietnam had banned bit coin.

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AAA1992638 days ago

I agree with you .I lost near 200 Dollar in Scam Site ,,,

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Big_padre637 days ago

It is too late.

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AAA1992637 days ago

For bitcoin is late ..but other coins are not late ..

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cristianao22632 days ago

o melhor! investimento atualmente! futuro impressionante com tecnologia Blockchain, de pagamentos desentralizado;! fugir dos Bancos é a melhor opção!

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termezo528 days ago

Yes, if you have money to invest. Why not?

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bredd388 days ago

Cryptocurrencies now invest mostly in online games, If you want to invest I can suggest best online game spot here Most casino accepts cryptocurrencies payments during games. I also used my Bitcoins in my favorite casino Casinoslots in SA.

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sawcryera275 days ago

Yeah, but all kinds of deals are risky. It doesn't mean that we should abandon all our efforts. Everything depends on us and we can minimize the risks by using our knowledge, skills, trading tools, etc.

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gregheet1270 days ago

Well, it depends. Some become rich, others don't. I agree scam website is a real problem – better choose time-proven exchanges with a good reputation. Like CEX ( ) or Kraken.

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JinJinReporting51 days ago

Investing in crypto is very volatile, the market is controlled by 5%.
So you have to know what the whales are doing, I recommend checking to stay in touch.

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