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What are the best corporate gifts ideas? 5
Created by TrevorKith, 706 days ago, 2183 views

Some small and cheap things
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Casetes706 days ago

As for some nice corporate gifts, I recommend you to take a look at the service from They make some lapel pins and other cool stuff which you may find interesting to you. Good luck with it, guys ;)

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AAA1992706 days ago

buy a book as Gift ,,,

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balamurugan123706 days ago

buy a book

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bredd518 days ago

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mpweb507 days ago

you can visit this post for corporate gratuity(gift) ideas

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rhett_boyd431 days ago

I think it should be something cool, it can be board game like monopoly or mafia, or try to organize team building

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Katrinehobs429 days ago

Give a meeting with the celebrity

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brijeshjoshi374 days ago

You can give some personalized gifts or branding your company logo on T-shirts, mugs, pen etc.

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Henry98az222 days ago

The best thing is to put a coffe on the persons work desk in the morning, and on the lunch time pay the billl, this connections sometimes are the most touching.
Cheers ;)

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