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Is someone accessing my laptop remotely? Reward $1
Created by adamjohnson, 1026 days ago, 3711 views

Hello everyone.

I just joined today, primarily to ask the following questions:

Here's the problem, and the symptoms. I unfortunately have a family member who has some serious emotional problems. This person, by definition, is a sociopath. He has also had drug related issues as well, and whether thats still an issue I dont know, as I dont deal with him anymore. But he's also got some friends who are simply really bad people.
So I've had problems in the past with theft, break-ins, accessing my computer without permission, etc. I am now concerned that its been accessed remotely. He does not live close to me, but he has friends who do.

I have a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop with Win Vista. I have been noticing that every once in a while, at different times of day when I'm at home, the laptop will switch itself on without me touching it. I'll suddenly hear the characteristic two-tone noise that it makes, which is something like doot-doot, then the fan will turn on and off as I recall, and other little noises. Again, the computer is sitting on the other side of the room, closed when this happens.

Now, I try to ALWAYS turn the computer OFF when I'm done using it. I DONT use sleep or hibernate. I go to start, click the off button, and I wait til it shuts off and all the little lights are off before I close the cover. Now sometimes, the next time I turn it on I get a message saying it didnt shut off properly, and there's that black and white screen with the safe mode option showing. Usually I just click enter to restart it normally. But this alleged improper shutdown happens 1-2 times a week.

Anyway, its been turning itself ON at least once a week that I'm aware of, because I'm home to hear it. It wasnt til yesterday that I began to worry about it. So I did some searches, and one thing that was mentioned about remote intrusions, was to check to see if the remote access block is checked under the firewall and under computer. Well, the box for remote access was checked ON for both firewall AND under computer. So I unchecked the boxes.

I am no computer expert, and the only protection I had/have is Windows security essentials, which I assumed was adequate against spyware and viruses. But as I looked into this potential problem, I was amazed at just how in-secure these computers are from the factory! I read that someone can access your computer remotely, add or take info from your computer, and yet there is absolutely no built in warning, and no message that lets you know that someone has accessed it, and theres no way to know what they did when they were in your computer! Well, aside from going through all your zillions of files to see if anything has been changed, stolen or corrupted.

Shouldnt it be basic common sense that there should be SOME indicator that lets you know when someone has accessed your computer? Shouldnt there be a page or a window that comes up that simply states that "computer was remotely accessed at 1:42pm today, 2/17/13"? Shouldnt there be a window that lists any new uploads into folders or downloads from your folders, or the addition of folders, etc when someone does access your computer remotely? I assumed there was, and that I would have known if someone was accessing it, but apparently I was completely wrong about that, to my own peril....
Is there not a serious problem with identity theft and hacking, spying, etc? So why make computers that allow people to hack them with absolutely no warning to the owner? I know, its my responsibility to get spyware, but I have what I was told was GREAT protection, but apparently it can be manipulated, which leads us back to the question, why isnt there an AUTOMATIC warning in window that tells you EVERY time your computer was potentially accessed built into the computer's basic software?

Anyway, enough of my rant(sorry about that), I guess my questions are:

1. Are the remote setting boxes checked 'on' from the factory? because I never clicked them on!

2. If I didnt click the remote settings on, how did they get clicked on?

3. Is it possible to access someones laptop remotely if its turned fully off?

4. Why is my laptop turning itself on with no input from anyone? Is it possibly related to its other problem of not always shutting down "correctly"? I've read that others have had issues with Vista not shutting down correctly.

5. Is it possible for someone to turn on my laptop remotely?

6. Is there really any way to find out if any files have been taken or added remotely?

7. Is there a trail that can be followed if someone has accessed my computer? Did Dell or Microsoft at least think to program in some way of recording intrusions or save the addresses of the remote computer used to access my computer? Is there a record of the remote access events?

Lastly, what do I need to do in addition to windows essentials and unchecking the remote access boxes to protect my computer, and what can I do to catch the person attempting it? is there ANY software that will tell me when someone accesses my computer remotely or attempts it, while recording their ip address?
Thanks a lot, and sorry for the lengthy first thread, but I felt that all the info would be necessary to accurately describe the situation...
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Teresita1025 days ago

This is the first time I heard of this kind of problem and thank you for sharing it with us. I guess if your laptop is password protected and someone has uncovered it, then maybe it is possible that they are using that to access your computer or email remotely.

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jeremiah1024 days ago

redo your pc

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galaxor1024 days ago

Try unplugging and removing the battery while you are not using it while you are looking for the solution. If you can not remove the battery try changing your laptop and email account passworld meanwhile

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nuklin1023 days ago


Your system could possibly be hacked from a remote location. There are also possiblitlies that someone used a usb to infilitrate your database and got your information cracked. so try this:

To prevent someone from using Remote Assistance to take control of this computer. Clear the check box labeled Allow this computer to be controlled remotely. To open System, click Start, click Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, and then click System.


Maybe you should just backup and format. Cheers.

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Bobby_jONEs1020 days ago

turn off wifi and dont allow remote connections to pc. or call his punk a&& and ask him whats the deal. Being direct is the best way most times.

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abusnich983 days ago

Change your IP address from public to private from your internet provider, set a master password for start up and another one for all your private files.

Install a Private Fire wall, its easy to bypass windows security

Then install a spyware

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eusjur982 days ago

Мой совет, перезагрузите систему и установите пароль.

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deeptech04982 days ago

laptop cannot be turned on by hackers, if wakeup on lan option is enabled on your laptop bios settings then turn it off.. because honestly no one cannot turn on laptop remotely but if the hacker has access to your network he can ping the laptop via lan and if wakeup on lan is turned on in the laptop that can switch on the laptop.. However if this is the case after laptop is turned on then hacker can access everything and also can shutdown laptop.

1st remove lan from your laptop when not in use
2nd turn off wakeup on lan option from bios
3rd use a good antivirus to scan full pc.

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maren980 days ago


@nuklin gave good answer, and I just would to say that will be good to migrate from VISTA to WIN7

Disable autorun on USB devices. Don't allow remote connections from wi-fi

When install WIN7 don't go to upgrade, install fresh WINDOWS installation.

Kaspersky antivirus is good solution to find your problems, download trial for 30 days and find problems and remove it.

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maren980 days ago


Yes, every PC must have password

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Fclef874 days ago

You will need two Programs now if You can download try Malwarebyets Home then Run it then rebut
then Download Supperantyspyware Run this it is amazing it get You out of treble every time I Run these two often
this is better then getting ripped of at the Computer store after You Run these two You will have Your Computer Back
Hope this Helps it will

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Yaremda507 days ago

For example, if your computer has been remotely accessed, you may see applications opening spontaneously or notice odd slowdowns in operating speed. This is a telltale indication that someone is using your system without your consent.

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baybecool1307 days ago

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bestdeals214 days ago

When someone is remotely connected to your computer, your Internet connection will be slower. Windows users can also use the net stat command to determine remote established network connections and open ports.
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