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How to hide my i.p address Reward $1
Created by rehan05, 690 days ago, 3604 views

Hello, can anyone tell me that how can i hide my i.p?
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AAA1992690 days ago

use A Vpn software
same this:
Hotspot shield

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stormysarge690 days ago

It's as easy as downloading some software. Either get a VPN (Virtually Private Network) or TOR (deep web browsing software). Both work, but TOR is a great deal more effective. Using both will slow your connection speed down, though, TOR doing it more than most VPNs. Hope this helps!

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muthu690 days ago

VPN (Vurtual Private Network) offers connectivity to other network. you receive new ip address and your ip address is hidden. some of VPN providers are Hide my ass, Vypr VPN, Express VPN, Pure VPN, IP Vanish.

another way is use the TOR BROWSER . tor browser is a free browser similar to chrome, firefox. Tor net
work to browse anonymously without revealing your own IP Address.

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Aguru689 days ago


you can use vpn add-ons for your browser, such as Hoxx for Mozilla or SimpleProxy for Opera.

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chamine645 days ago

Betternet unlimited free VPN Proxy for Chrome enables you to access to all blocked websites and makes you secure.


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nathanq643 days ago

Try a VPN like

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mehdizarei220621 days ago

How to Hide an IP Address From Gmail
by Matthew Skiffington ; Updated September 28, 2017
When sending emails with Google's Gmail service, your IP is automatically recorded. The recipient can view your address, and in some cases even determine your exact geographic location! This tutorial will help you prevent Gmail from recording your IP.

How to Hide an IP Address From Gmail
Using Mozilla Firefox, install PH Proxy. PH Proxy is an add-on for Firefox and can be downloaded by clicking the following buttons, located on the Toolbar: Tools => Add-ons => Get Extensions PH Proxy will allow you to automatically connect to websites via a proxy.

Another option is to use proxies to connect to websites by yourself. Simply Google for "proxies" or use sites such as A proxy uses another computer to connect to the website, then displays the results to you. This very effectively hides your IP from remote viewing.

Http:// hosts a dedicated proxy specifically for keeping your IP safe from Gmail. Use their site if you need the most convenient option.

A third option would be to download and install HideMyIP. HideMyIP not only blocks or "spoofs" your IP so that other websites cannot detect it, it also disables or overrides any scripts on the website or your computer that will attempt to determine your IP anyways. Visit to download it.

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Andszem616 days ago

A do czego Ci to potrzebne? Chcesz komuś anonimowo naubliżać; porwać komuś dziecko; szantażować kogoś; a może planujesz jakiś atak terrorystyczny????? Chuj Cie wie, co Ty tam w tym swoim móżdżku planujesz!!! Uczciwy człowiek nie musi ukrywać swojego IP!!!

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papaz611 days ago

Ultrasurf , free & simple, use ie proxy settings.

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kinzy2004523 days ago

use http injector on ur android phone

or psiphon for windows

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H124391177488 days ago

下載 SoftEther VPN Client 管理工具

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hutopobd398 days ago

You can use vpn

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Papajohn2019135 days ago

The most convenient way to hide my I.P is to use some proxy on my laptop . Many of my friends are using some Vpn program or some proxy services for which they should pay. I have never paid for Vpn or proxy because I have found pirate bay proxy list here . There are many available and the fastest proxy .They hide your I.P and avoid any censorship and blocked sites.

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Demixl112 days ago

Donwload some wpn,or use mozilla or tor and find vpn

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harry36992 days ago

if you wnat to haide you i.p address you can hide your i.p address with the help of VPN (Vurtual Private Network),Get a VPN Software. Probably the best and most convenient way for changing your IP is to choose a good VPN service. FOR MORE INFO:-

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pmazur90 days ago

Here you can find all options to hide your IP Address

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AlexBMW15 days ago

I think that the best way to hide your IP address is to use VPN. There are many good sources, some of them are even available for free. But I prefer using the paid ones in order to be sure that my data are really protected. I can recommend to try CryptoVPN I've been using it for more than a year and I'm really pleased with it.

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