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Blue Screen of Death Reward $1
Created by BuddyStud, 799 days ago, 2606 views

So i used wise game booster to disable most of my processes for windows that it allowed me to stop,then restarted my PC and now i got the blue screen of death. It can't recover from images or anything and the only hope is a CMD prompt which I could use. maybe the right set of commands that could enable my processes again would fix it followed up with a reboot? but i know not the right commands.
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Answers799 days ago

Try to restore the computer back to the latest restore point.
it will be helpful if you can give the Operation system you have.

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wrallen0727797 days ago

Try using PF8 during boot to get into Safe Mode...then disable game booster or choose a restore point.

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ha14797 days ago


on cmd windows type rstrui.exe to open windows restore point center.

or try sfc /scannow

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sonmeoo796 days ago

Use SFC to replace system files

Fixes blue screen with available tools

In order to use the SFC tool, we need to run it in a Command Prompt environment. To open the Command Prompt with Administrator privileges, on Windows 8 and above, right-click in the lower left corner of the screen, a menu pops up and select Command Prompt (Admin) to open this feature.

In the Command Prompt window, type "sfc / scannow" (remember to remove quotation marks when typing), then Enter and wait for this tool to work. If the system is completely normal, the screen will say "Windows Resource Protection did not find any interrupted violations".

Fixes blue screen with available tools

However, if you see the words "Windows Resource Protection found corrupted files but not able to do anything on the current. So, try switching to Safe Mode and try again.

Use DISM to complete the SFC work

Fixes blue screen with available tools

Even if using Safe Mode to execute SFC commands is not working, continue with DISM. Also in Command Prompt, type the following: "DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / RestoreHealth"

This job requires 5-10 minutes but sometimes it may take longer and sometimes the percentage of work does not add up a bit, do not worry, as it is basically done on your system. .

After DISM completes its process, and changes, let's reboot, and use SFC to double-check again to make sure that all errors have been fixed.

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neoOpus795 days ago


What OS are you using, if Windows 10 you have a good chance to recover by reinstalling windows from usb drive or DVD, you can create it on another computer from the ISO of the same version or an upgrade and it will ask you to keep the files and apps, you obviosly answer yes and go through the whole process, I do this more often than I wish to, almsot once each couple of weeks or so since I do a lot of experimentation and tweaks on daily basis and I don't want to remain with an outdated system (I am into insider program), so if you follow what I told you will be able to recover your system in the same state as before or you just have to reinstall few softwares, don't forget to use the same email and password so it will get it in sync and even your previous settings will remain the same (the system will be faster as well if you didn't do a refresh for a very long time)

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Bobby_jONEs783 days ago

get a 4 gig or better usb drive, or sd card... and then download a trial copy of windows 10 in an ISO format. And boot. Um, but you'll have to either use ur phone and save it to a mini sd card or some other way if you only have the pc and nothing more. might try changing your bios settings to.

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99701781 days ago

Immediately after your computer restarts press F8
Click Troubleshoot
Click Advanced Options
Click Windows Startup Settings
In the list, Click Enable debugging mode
Click Restart (If the Screen does not have a Restart Selector Press the Power Button to Shut down the Computer and Restart that way
Immediately after your computer restarts again, press F8 again
Click Troubleshoot
Click Advanced Options
Select the OS (ex: Windows 8) you want to use an "Advanced Boot Option" for, and press F8
Use the up and down arrow keys to select an advanced option you want to use, and press Enter
Click Windows Startup Settings
Click on Command Prompt
Type in the following Command
chkdsk /f
Your Computer will Troubleshoot and Repair Automatically
Wait for your Computer to run it's course
After it runs and completes you will be able to see the results in the Command Window
Follow the instructions. Be sure to type in the Command Prompt chkdsk /f
NOT sfc /scannow
Does this fix your Computer?

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thuhien12775 days ago

useful information [url][/url]

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Bro_Bro768 days ago

Download any Live CD or ERD Commander

Copy the files from the folder "C:\Windows\System32\config\RegBack" folder "C:\Windows\System32\config\" with the subsequent replacement of files.


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RevG723 days ago

I'd try to use the free rescue disc program you can download from It never fails me.
You should search the website for rescue disc. You can burn it to a disc or use a flash drive to install. It should boot your PC even though it's not booting now, without issues and it will repair problems it finds. They even provide instructions at Kaspersky. It's free.

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baybecool133 days ago

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