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Created by Castelnovo, 277 days ago, 414 views

Your software does not recognize the password for my hidden files and folders. I think this is a deliberate scam which you evidently use to blackmail customers into subscribing and you charge £20 to recover my "forgotten" password. I say "deliberate" because it is virtually impossible for me to have entered a wrong password twice when creating it. I use the same password for all my devices and programs which require one, so it is impossible for me to have "forgotten" my password!

Please send me the code to unlock my hidden files
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StephenHawking273 days ago

I think this is a ponder trick which you obviously use to extort clients into subscribing and you charge "overlooked" secret word. I say "think" since it is basically unimaginable for me to have entered a wrong secret word twice while making it. I utilize a similar watchword for every one of my gadgets and projects which require one,

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