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My (.pptx) file was damaged Reward $110
Created by pleaseAnswerMe, 838 days ago, 3027 views

Hello, I wanted to print something in the printer that prints without a computer (I don't actually remember its name) I tried printing a (.pptx) file but it said that it can't read the file I retried and retried and retried until the file was damaged is there any solution to fix it/scan it with wise care 365 or any other antivirus? If so then please give me the download link but if I can scan it with wise care 365 then please tell me the way if there is no antivirus than can do that then please tell me a way to fix it manually.
Hope I get a nice answer :)
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abdulrahma337 days ago

Use this program it helped me a lot before:(
Hope this helps.

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ha14838 days ago


Stellar File Repair Toolkit
trila mode you can only scan and preview broken files

PowerPoint Repair Toolbox

1)Step 1: Open the Microsoft PowerPoint on your system.
2)Step 2: Go to the File menu and click Open or you can simply click 'Ctrl + O'
3)Step 3: Browse your corrupt PowerPoint in the Open Window. Then ,Click the file to select it followed by a click on the drop-down arrow shown next to Open.
4)Step 4: A list will appear here. Just click Open and Repair.
5)Just after the above steps yours corrupted file will be repaired and opened.

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v33talii747 days ago

ксожалению у меня ссылки нет! но я знаю есть программа которая вост.любые файлы,даже те которые удалили!

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