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I can't find the file that will make me install code::blocks Reward $110
Created by pleaseAnswerMe, 860 days ago, 1806 views

I recently downloaded code::blocks, I tried finding the file that will make me install code::blocks But I didn't find it!
I searched everywhere for a few minutes but didn't find
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abdulrahma337 days ago

Redownload the file or check the downloads panel in your browser.
Best way is to use a trusted place to download the program like sourceforge, or the original download site of the program itself.
But if you downloaded it from the codeblocks site search the internet on how to compile it, if you don't want to compile it download it from sourceforge which I highly recommend
Link For SourceForge:(
Link for Code::Blocks:(
Hope this helps you @pleaseAnswerMe

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nuzhat860 days ago

the browser u used for downloading , open it and go to downloads then click on the show in folder ..u will find it if its downloaded perfectly or other wise redownload it

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ha14860 days ago


make a search
try everything

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thsigit856 days ago

I think you have downloaded the wrong file, mate.

Here;s the direct download link (for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.x / 10):

(above link from

If you download the linux version then your computer should run on linux, not windows. In that case, go to the folder that containing the *.tar.gz file, untar the file, mark it executable (sudo chmod a+x if you're on a debian-based distro), and run it in a command prompt

Just do not download from unless you want to compile it yourself.

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