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Adsense Approving Problem Reward $2
Created by kamishah, 71 days ago, 208 views

Hello everybody i read an article on on this site they said your domain should be at least 2 month old to be approved but some bodies saying it should be 5 month old. Please help me how much old it should be to get approved by adsense. Thanks in advance.
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Ganea8971 days ago

I would say that is best to check your website/blog against plagiarism ... do a check(there are multiple websites out there that can help on that) and Google works best with new content(that's what it integrates into its search engine best).

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kamishah71 days ago

Thanks Ganea89 you mean duplicate contents are highly restricted in google adsense?

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Ganea8971 days ago

Definitely :) so, please make sure you check your content :)

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Pravy69 days ago

there are a few things which you should consider even before applying for Adsense.
1) they should be good quality content and steady inflow of visitors. they would not approve if your blog has a lot of quality content but no visit us at all.
2) Plagiarism is not tolerated by them at all. they would instantly this approve your AdSense request if they find your content to be same similar to some other bloggers. don't try to cheat them they are into everything..
3) it does not take necessary 2 months before you to apply you can even apply in two weeks if your content and visitors are steady.

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Teresita63 days ago

I am a member of Google Adsense and the way i understand that particular requirement is not so much on the number of months since your website was established but on the number of visitors or visits your website is attracting. The more your websites has visitors, the more you have a chance of being approved at Google Adsense.

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