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In pricing an eBook, what is the best price to sell it on Amazon? Reward $1
Created by Teresita, 879 days ago, 1032 views

I am new to eBook writing but I have been writing content long before eBook writing came around. I have just finished writing one and I want to sell it on Amazon, what is the best price for a beginner like me to sell?
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nuklin879 days ago


It depends on what your ebook is all about but basically unique contents on pros like novels between 50 to 200 pages could go for between $1 to $5 on payhip while on amazon, they could go for between $2 to $10. Other platforms include gumroad and

So, just study the trend in each platform and tailor your prices as such. Good luck.

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Aravi879 days ago

Hi @Teresita

It depends on the topic, number of pages and economic position of majority target buyers.

Topic, If you have to spend to research on topic high. Then you can't set low price. But the cost of research is low you can compromise some price to make it comparative.

Number of pages, The number of pages with mode details justify the price. If a book of 300 to 400 page prices around 10 to 15 $ justifiable.

Economic position of target buyer, It is a major factor. If you are selling a ebook for 15$ and targeting people in India(like me); it will become too expensive(15 * 64 bugs) for them. They may not buy because of lack of confidence.

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twalker879 days ago

I would look for simular e-books, and stay close to their price ranges.

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RevG878 days ago

Price it at what you want. Give it some time to sell at your price. If it isn't selling enough, lower your price somewhat. as if offering it at a sale price. If at the sale price for a while still doesn't generate enough sales, lower your price even more. Or, do some research into the prices of other authors" ebooks with a similar topic as yours, find their prices, and add these together to get a sum. Then divide the sum by the number of author's boo prices that made up the sum. Set your price at one which considers this as a sort of average value, and one which aso considers how your book is different from that of other authors who are offering their ebooks for sale wherever you are seeing.

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kadi007861 days ago

5$ that will be great

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