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If I want an App just to edit videos what is the best computer to do it? a PC, a Laptop or a Tab. Let me know all about it. Thanks! Reward $1
Created by LiViOlRi, 152 days ago, 1448 views

My son needs a computer because he is studying to be a filmmaker what kind of computer does he need?

Let me know all about it. Thanks!
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the_livewire152 days ago

Hi @LiViOlRi

Good day ahead buddy.
For such needs of your son who is currently into film-making, video/picture editing and the like, it is best to purchase or use a personal laptop for such good cause. It comes handy and portable, while also being classy and professional.

As parents, we all want what is only best for our kids. Having the right video editing tools can make a world of difference, especially to your son who is aiming to be a very good film-maker someday.
The list below are some good options to choose to:
01. MacBook Pro with Touch Bar
A brilliant Mac with a difference
02. Dell XPS 15
Best Windows laptop for video editing
03. Microsoft Surface Book
Superb Windows machine with a trick up its sleeve
04. MacBook Air
The best laptop for video editing under £1,000/$1,000
5. HP Pavilion 15
Best laptop for video editing under £500/$500

You may follow the links below for more information:

I hope it helps you in any way possible.
Cheers and a high five.

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AAA1992152 days ago

I suggest to buy a Workstation Laptop , because ,they have special hardware for rendering and professional works.
Go to this link and see a few model of workstation laptop..

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the_livewire152 days ago


Thanks mate for choosing my reply the best answer.
Hope your son be a goof film-maker in the very near future.

Great days forward.

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FixitJorge122 days ago

Go with a desktop pc. They are stronger than laptops. And make sure the desktop comes with a Nvidia graphics card inside because this will speed up your sons editing. Aim for at least a desktop With 16gb ram and a 6gb graphics card and your son will be happy.

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