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Wise folder hider - failed to load driver Reward $1
Created by rmswenson747, 325 days ago, 1986 views

Trying to re-install wise folder hider... 4.22... keep getting failed to load driver error...

any ideas?

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chakramed324 days ago

i think it was fixed in version Wise Folder Hider 4.14.151
New in Wise Folder Hider 4.14.151: 
-Fixed the issue of failing to load driver
-Improved the compatibility with older version
-Minor bug fixes
-Updated various translations

other then contact support directly

maybe to intall/reinstall the latest version
make sure it is not your antimalware or other security tools doing this. if it is your antimalware then whitelist wise folder hider


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milmil306 days ago

uninstall the driver and install new one...you cant update the driver if theres a compatibility problem with the older driver...

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FixitJorge293 days ago

Update the program

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neoOpus266 days ago

you have to uninstall the previous version of the software, so sometimes you have to boot the OS only with the default windows drivers and then do the uninstall and later you boot in normal mode and do the installation again.

the drivers needs to be signed otherwise they will fail to load in Windows 8, 10... so keep that in mind and downgrade to a version that have a signed drivers from a certified source to avoid any trouble (hacked softwares most of the time break the driver signature and it's really tough and risky so it's better to buy the software and ask for service support if you didn't)

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