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What are the pros and cons of making friends online? Reward $1
Created by listaccount102, 731 days ago, 2717 views

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nuklin731 days ago


1. You meet different people of diverse cultures.
2. You learn the culture of different people.
3. You have the opportunity to meet the kind of person you want because you’re not limited.
4. You can get help from a limitless number of people that your immediate environment cannot give.
5. You can also be of help to people who are greatly in need elsewhere where life is more difficult that your immediate environment.
6. You have a vast horizon to learn anything in the world from friends who know it better.


1. Friends could take advantage of you after all, you’d find it difficult to reach them besides the cost of apprehending them might far outweigh the benefits incase you’re conned.
2. Your privacy could be in jeopardy and could be used to undo you.
3. You don’t really know them properly so if they have criminal, legal issues; they could be linked to you and get you implicated.
4. Through you, they could infiltrate other people’s privacy and ascertain their identity through your friendship with them.
5. They could jeopardize your reputation because they have little or nothing to lose since they are not your close friends and may not have as much reputation, integrity and moral virtues as you do.
6. They could gradually lure or manipulate you into things you never envisaged depending on who they are and what they practice.

Be very careful with people you do not know very well, online or offline and don’t post everything about you online. Different people, different motives.

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MAKEROFMONY2731 days ago

this is very true we can't just trust every one we know from the internet sure we can get some good advises but if we back the real world we found that some of people we used to know had broke our hearts and turned overall and they become bad persons so what do think about some people we never sow or meet them and saying that all of the friendship that we have made on the internet are bad let's not forget all the good persons we had the honer to became a friend with am saying that we mast be more careful.

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