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Can I share my wifi password to my neighbor without me paying extra charges? Reward $1
Created by Teresita, 161 days ago, 957 views

I use my laptop at home when I access the internet through WIFI which I pay monthly for internet use. My question is if I share my password with someone living near our house, will I be liable to pay additional pay aside from my regular monthly payment?
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hafiz_abubakr161 days ago

Sharing wireless internet access with a neighbor might seem like a friendly thing to do, but be aware that you are potentially putting your own computers at risk.
If you give someone access to your wireless access point, you have given them access to your home network.
They’re on it.
It’s important to realize that a wireless connection – regardless of how your hardware is set up – is a connection to your network.
There are three basic risks:
If you have computers that share files or a printer among themselves, your neighbor may be able to access them.
There’s a tiny risk that depending on how your router routes traffic that your neighbor may be able to “see” that traffic. I call it tiny because routers typically do not route traffic to computers not involved in the conversation.
If your neighbor’s computer becomes infected with malware it may propagate to your machines.
To be honest, it’s the last one that scares me the most. The first two are all about your neighbor’s intention, which in most cases is probably honest and above board and is at least something you can attempt to judge. The later, however, involves your neighbor’s ability to keep their own system free of malicious software. That’s a risk I’d be reluctant to take even with the best of intentions.

I hope u understand...
Though its free, but u r putting yourself on risk

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sajal27160 days ago

I don't think you have to pay extra .unless your monthly bill depends on the usage of internet.
If you have unlimited usage plan then you don't have to pay anything extra.If your monthly usage is fixed and have caping on speed ,once you crossed your monthly limit then your internet speed will be capped and you will receive slow speed.

Hope this will help

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maren160 days ago

You don't need to setup password for wi-fi router.
You can leave open your router and share your internet connection with other. Your bill probably will be same as usual, especially if you have unlimited internet.

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unblocked156 days ago

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Safi78156 days ago

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coimay541 days ago

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