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Why my computer pup out while gaming Reward $1
Created by AYMEN19, 896 days ago, 1728 views

It show a windows with stopping now always and i don't know why is that happining its with all games
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ha14896 days ago


maybe it is windows update?
Open the Settings menu and click Update & Security
Under Windows Update, click Check for updates
click Advanced options.

maybe power supplu not enough while gaming

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AAA1992896 days ago

check system requirement of games .
most games need special system requirement

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youba2015896 days ago


Check Your Hardware Specifications

Close Down ALL Other Programs When Playing

Update Your Graphics Drivers

Clean Out Viruses

Clean Out The Registry

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nuklin893 days ago

@AYMEN19 Scan your entire system and fix any issues.

Check you power management and leave it at high performance when gaming.

check your RAM requirements for the game.

check your Processor speed for the game.

Check the operating system requirements too.

The memory space of your system should also be considered.

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chakramed892 days ago

hit its a antivirus notification . go to antivirus and activate game mode if you dont know how to do it what is your antivirus ? i wirh it ?


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apkadvisor1891 days ago

Download game apk from here: [url] [/url]

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AYMEN19879 days ago

well i don't have antivirus caus its saucs and it hit my systeme speed

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AYMEN19879 days ago

actualy i play cs goand my systeme requirment are good for it but it still stop while gaming not all the time but sometimes and not jst with cs go no all games

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leloc879 days ago

xàm lon hello is my firiend

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nuklin879 days ago

check if the game is compatible with Windows.

If it is, then follow the steps enumerated here:

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AYMEN19878 days ago

thanx my freind

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milmil865 days ago

try sytem restore,search SYSTEM RESTORE in your computer,follow the instruction then apply...

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kadi007861 days ago

look your performance of your pc if compatible with game or not and download
net framwork 4.5 , 3.0 , 3.5
directX 10 , 11

try to block prouesses take space from ram or cpu

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Ravindra_2856 days ago

because of firewall

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chakramed809 days ago

try to screenshoot the popup and upload it here

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