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Android Programing with Java script and CSS and html . Reward $1
Created by AAA1992, 289 days ago, 1090 views

I am in learn html and CSS and java script for android Programing
what do you think .??/
is Good method?????
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a454545284 days ago

@AAA1992 Yeah ... that's so good
I'm learning html and css too
I really like Hangroid programing... :)
I use PhoneGap and Cordova...
u can learn these too

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igor286 days ago,,FreeCodeCamp,Codecademy,PluralSight,Udacity,Code School,Code Avengers,Bento,The Code Player,CSS-Tricks,Tuts+.

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anhot283 days ago

I've been learning Java and CSS too. Due to lack of time, I sometimes turn to the team of experienced programmers from for assistance with my home assignments. Folks do you use such services?

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nuklin281 days ago

You are obviously on the right track.

Java script is a mobile application front-end language for a responsive website. A responsive website is one the is accessible from any device: laptop, smart phone, i-pad etc.

CSS helps you with the color scheme, cascaded styles, color sheet layout that fits your graphics.

HTML helps your application to display on the browser

finally, you need one more thing: a compatible integrated development environment like android studio or ionic software. Make sure your comply with their requirements. Good luck!

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Safi78274 days ago

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AAA1992273 days ago

What do you mean?

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emilyrose69 days ago

I also learn HTML and CSS programming language . Make my assignment help UK is now easy for UK top universities students

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DanielLee538 days ago

I never dealt with Javascript, but planning to learn Java, seriously. A lot of applications and other web products are being successfully developed on Java, I also appreciate the fact it is the most demanded programming language today, and salaries are very decent (according to ). I am planning to reach an entry level at least, and ready to develop my skills daily.

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