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Monitors are getting damaged by its power supply. Reward $1
Created by Parag, 295 days ago, 840 views

I tried 2-3 monitors for my pc but found all monitors gets in stand by mode an gets uner repair.
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LeeJerwin295 days ago

Mostly there will be a beeping sound coming from your PSU and it won't turn on if it is damaged. Nothing will happen if the cord is damaged. Check if the power cable is damaged by replacing it with your monitor's cable and trying to turn it on. If your computer still doesn't work, it's likely the PSU.

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ha14295 days ago


maybe you need to change CMOS battery

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tomycruise646294 days ago

you should buy an original one from atrusted place.
or you can change the battery

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youba2015284 days ago

the five main reasons power supplies fail – and what can be done about it

Power supply data was analyzed from sources across all markets, from low-cost to extremely high-cost applications.

VP NA Applications Engineering
Excelsys Technologies

Power supplies are the underpinning of any electronic system. In this article, I use industry research and my own long-time experience to present the five reasons that power supplies fail. It will also offer the necessary precautions that you, as design engineers, should take to avoid systems failures.

Analyzing the data

Top causes of power supply failures

1. Fans

2. Capacitors

3. Power components

4. Control ICs

5. Environmental causes

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nuklin281 days ago

The problem could be the voltage. Maybe there are no adaptors to regulate the current which could lead to power surge..

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The_Great_Prophet86 days ago

To be honest is a very difficult question since information is few and nuanced can be many. I'm still more inclined to think that this is because of errors in the wires. Most likely the cable is not suitable or it is spoiled.

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