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Screen shot on laptop.... Reward $1
Created by rehan05, 208 days ago, 1586 views

How to make screen shot on laptop?
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captain_A208 days ago

it depends on your laptop type
but generally , you press (alt or fn) + PrtSc buttons

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ha14207 days ago


you can use freeware tools

Bug Shooting


Lightshot: it overrides your PrtSc, so once you press you fireup the screenshot tool

I like captImag
portable no installation requires, for basic screenshots its fine

Screenshot Captor
The only capture facility that can take a self-portrait

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chakramed207 days ago

hi please wich laptop do you have cuz keyboard not all the same ?

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AAA1992207 days ago

use sniping Tools in windows ..

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rohinraha205 days ago

To take a screen shot on a Windows laptop, just follow these steps. If you want to take an shot of everything that is displayed on your screen and you want to save it to send it or upload it, simply: 1. Press the Windows Key and the PrtScn (Print Screen) button.

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MarioMartez204 days ago

windown + Prt sc.
the screen in C:\Users\X\Pictures\Screenshots

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Aravi204 days ago

Hi @rehan05

Just press print screen btn and paste the screen in Ms paint or any image editor.

You can also try lightbox tool.

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igor204 days ago

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tomycruise646201 days ago

you can download this programe its the best forever

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tomycruise646201 days ago

download this

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nihal29201 days ago

Hello @rehan05
If you use Windows then I will recommend you snipping tool which is preinstalled on Windows .
Check out this guide =


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nihal29201 days ago

Hello @rehan05
If you use Windows then I will recommend you snipping tool which is preinstalled on Windows .
Check out this guide =


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robsbarone197 days ago

i agree , but i know of two ways.. the best is the key combo: ALT or CTRL key- or the FN key (such as my laptop) and the PRNT SCRN keys to copy a snapshot of the screen , and then opening the PAINT or 3d PAINT that came with your laptop.

the other way is to open the SNIPPING TOOL from the WINDOWS ACCESSORIES folder, lassoing the part of the screen you want to copy, and then pasting that to the PAINT program

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youba2015191 days ago

How To Take Screen Shots On A Laptop. !!!!EASY!!!!!

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YouProgrammer185 days ago

If you are on Windows 10 then simply press Windows key+PrtScr button simultaneously and the screenshot will be generated right away on your Desktop, inside the screenshot folder which you can find under pictures folder.

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Bill99181 days ago


Very intelligible and understandable. That's what I need.
But some screenshots I can't understand but it is not a problem.


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the_livewire181 days ago

hi @rehan05
you may use the following:

3. or, using your keyboard, press PRT SC.

Cheers and a high five

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Karmadyota179 days ago

Either you can use the inbuilt screenshot taking tool i.e. Snipping Tool
Or you can press windows button and Prt. Scrn button simulteneously to get it
Pictures are in C:\Users\X\Pictures\Screenshots

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Ding_A_Ling173 days ago

Well, on my laptop, Fn + PRTSC takes a screenshot that can be pasted from the clipboard into MSPaint, WordPad, etc.
(On my laptop, the "PRTSC" key is the "END" key of the numpad, which is just above the "8" key.)

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muthu171 days ago


download ScreenHunter software from internet. it is free software. It is good, try it . I hope it will solve your problem.

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Ding_A_Ling170 days ago

I rather like:
* PicPick (, which IS free for personal use.
* Cloudshot (, which is free too.

The very simple free screen-capture tool at might do for you.

(To help a couple of people at the TPFC forums, I created a couple of naive near-identical programs with AutoIt.
Amongst other things, they take screenshots and windowshots according to user-specified hotkeys and save to
a user-specified directory.

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Ding_A_Ling169 days ago

I use Firefox and it looks like the latest version (56.0) now comes with a screencapture feature built in.

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quiclee1155 days ago

Try looking at this post to see if it helps you.

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Ravindra_2134 days ago

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rembanad101 days ago

Try downloading the software

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