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Which language ,C# .net VS Java VS C++??and , Why? Reward $1
Created by AAA1992, 33 days ago, 464 views

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abdelhamidtsouli33 days ago

Assuming you're starting from scratch on all these languages ...

- It's free.
- Can be faster than Java or C# *if* you have many years of experience and you really know what you're doing.
- Can run on all OS's.
- Huge open source support.
- Steeper learning curve than Java or C# if your goal is to learn a language from scratch and get a fully functional app up and running.
- You have to worry about memory management

- It's free.
- Easier learning curve than C++
- Practically unlimited open source references.
- Memory is managed automatically.
- The JVM can run on all OS's
- You can get into class version hell if you integrate code from many different open source repositories.
- The JVM can be a memory hog.

- Uses a single, unified framework (.NET) provided by Microsoft (no class version hell as can happen with Java).
- Memory is managed automatically.
- Linq is magic.
- Visual Studio (can be free or paid).
- Limited to the Windows OS (Practically speaking. Technically .NET has been open sourced but, its still not widely implemented as such).
- In connection with the point above, it can cost more since you need to pay for Windows and you might need a paid version of Visual Studio (can cost thousands).

This isn't an exhaustive list, of course. These are the points that stand out to me for someone who is just starting out learning one of these languages.

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AAA199233 days ago

thanks for Your description
I am in learn C# ,in console ,
I want be universal Programmer ..

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abdelhamidtsouli32 days ago

you welcome and good luck

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Ruther3031 days ago

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AAA199231 days ago


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promo198531 days ago


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AAA199231 days ago

strange People .....

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maren28 days ago

C++ When you learn this you can easy learn other programing languages

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AAA199228 days ago

C++ is very difficult

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linhai27 days ago

Maybe C ++

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maren25 days ago


First time I hear that C++ is difficult.
If you learn this, it open gate to other programming languages.

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AAA199224 days ago

I prefer C sharp ..I worked c++ a few year ago ..

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maren24 days ago


And why you stop with with C++ ???

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AAA199223 days ago

I do not like it..

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maren22 days ago

It's not question of liked, but how is some programing language useful and easy. I think that is C++ much easy than C#

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AAA199221 days ago

no C # is very easy than C++ ,I very enjoy with C # on visual studio.
C++ have boring IDE for Programing .
I Prefer C# for learn Asp net and universal Programing

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maren17 days ago

How much you pay visual studio? I think that is not free or cheap?

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AAA199217 days ago

I use Visual Studio Community .is free version and support common Programing language

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