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Not impressed so far with product 5
Created by gstraneva, 159 days ago, 193 views

I have a problem with my computer ie: with e-mail.
Upon recommendation of a good friend I purchased Wise care 365 Pro to resolve it and whatever other problems it may have.
So far it has not lived up to even my lowest expections.
Defrag option _ runs for 5 minutes , does 90% of the drive then encounters a "problem" causing the program to quit and the whole system to crash.
Clean up option - runs for hours makes literally no progress after about 50% and sits there for literally hours on end making no progress.
Tried this 4x w/o any progress beyond 50%

NOT Satisfied at all with product
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AAA1992159 days ago

Ask of wise cleaner support
or try other optimizer software .
same ccleaner or advance system care and Privacy Eraser..

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srb25k159 days ago

Please contact here they will help within an hour they promise.

hope they will fix your problem . If not try other software like Advance System Care or AVG Tune Up

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ha14159 days ago


if your windows system is corrupted Wise care 365 or any other similar product won't repair it because it is not their function...they remove left over registry files, temp files/folders, repair shortcuts, speed boot/ they are not build the same way so you encounter sometme different cleaning approaches...for bug problems you need to contact the support directly...try to run wisecare 365 with administrative rights or try an older version first.

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