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White horizontal lines while playing 5
Created by galaxor, 191 days ago, 797 views

Hi everyone, I´m having a bad time while playing because with any game that is running, my computer starts doing white horzontal lines likes flashes, I mean they appear randomly and a very short time.(I uploaded a few images for you to see)
The problem only occurs while playing, when the computer gets hot, and also, only when its charging. If while I play I unplug the notebook, it just stop doing the lines, but my battery lasts like 30 mins while playing or 5 hours doing everything else.
First of all I thought it was a Video Card problem, but the lines disappear when I unplug the notebook. So in my opinion its something related with the charger or something inside the notebook that makes an error while charging. Remember that the lines appear only while playing, I didnt try with anything like rendering or something that uses a lot the computer so I could try, but I believe they will have the same results.
I attach photos about the lines. My notebook is Lenovo Ideapad Y700 14''.
Thank you, Stefano.

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Jaybles191 days ago

There are a few things you can try:

1) Update the GPU Drivers (even though it's not the Video Card updating to the last drivers is never a bad thing).

2) Check in the game settings if the Game is running on "Full Screen" or "Windowed (Without Borders)" and try if it's fixed by changing between the 2.

3) Go into the Windows Program that manages the recharging or the Software Lenovo installed for that purpose and turn of all on screen information options. (I had similar issues a year back with Logitech Keyboard onscreen info that looked a lot like this and when I disabled onscreen info it all went away)

I hope it helps otherwise all I can suggest is contacting the Lenovo helpdesk and asking them what exactly can be done to remedy this!

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den3d191 days ago

It is definitely a hardware problem that happened to me too I suggest you to get the lcd screen repaired

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galaxor191 days ago

1- I think I have them updated, I will check anyway, but I don't believe it could be the problem if when I unplug the laptop it stops making the lines.
2- All of th games I play are in full screen, and so as I remembered in the games I tried all of them made the lines. Anyway I will try this too.
3- I will try this, it must have something to be with the recharging.

It may be the screen too, it has a great chance to be because there may be a problem with the screen while charging and not while using it with battery. Some kind of electric noise that may be causing the lines.

I don't want to take the notebook to a service before trying every idea. He may open the computer and see nothing. Also the charger may be working bad. If the charger is receiving less power than needed or more, so produces the lines. But as the problem with the screen service, I don't want to but a new charger if it is not the problem. Thank you

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ha14191 days ago


maybe Refresh rate 60hz.

try Bios flash/update

Flashing Horizontal Lines after Windows 10 Update

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den3d190 days ago

you can check your charger with a multimeter or you can borrow a friend's charger which is suitable for your laptop

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jiayi6632016190 days ago


If it is to play the game, so when the Huaping to do the screen so that after the exclusion of the heat problem you can try for a version of the graphics driver to try, because there may be graphics drivers and the program itself is not compatible with the reasons for the existence of the drive or BUG The

If after the above method after the card or Huaping, then you can try to refresh the graphics card BIOS, to the graphics card manufacturers to see if there is no updated BIOS download. For some no-name graphics card, you can try to use the big manufacturers of the BIOS brush your graphics card. It is necessary to pay attention to refresh the BIOS is risky, and the above methods are based on your graphics card in the warranty period outside the situation, if your graphics card during the warranty period, after troubleshooting software or repair as soon as possible.

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anhot166 days ago

i have the same issue

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Safi78150 days ago

you can be in the option the game configuration proprieties system to be in the net the best machine port or ecran port

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janesmith76142 days ago

you can check your charger with a multimeter or you can borrow a friend's charger which is suitable for your laptop
juegos friv:

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