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What is the best browser for a slow computer? Reward $1
Created by matchatea100, 10 days ago, 166 views

My configuration: intel core i3 5010U 2.1Ghz; ram 2gb;
intel graphic 5500
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FixitJorge10 days ago

i just realized that the chrome browsing experience for computers with with 2GBs or less may not be superb so I am changing my recomendations to these two browser's that are specifically made for computers 2GB ram or lower.

#1. CoolNovo
(a modified version of Chrome), it uses a lot less memory.

#2. SlimJet
SlimJet is.. well... slim. It uses a ridiculously small amount of memory while providing a nice amount of features (It even comes with an Ad blocker and Automatic form filler) and a bunch of other useful features and best of all It is fast for low Ram Computers such as yours.

One of these should fix your problem :)
Sincerely at your service ~ FixitJorge

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FixitJorge10 days ago

the short answer is Google Chrome with no extensions. disabling all addons (java/ flash) and disabling Javascript helps a lot!

Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera all use something called Webkit to process the Internet when you browse.

these browsers follow standards very closely* and they only tap into the CPU when absolutely needed.

In Chrome and Opera, you can disable higher usage of the CPU too:

Further Reading: *Webkit is open source, meaning that thousands of professional people in every thinkable scenario continuously check to make sure Internet browser standards for the modern day web are followed. This means that when there are new ways to load a website that take less CPU or RAM, these features are introduced very quickly. W3C sets these standards—which include the details of code within a website and how this code is translated when an Internet Browser visits a website.

Firefox and Internet Explorer loosely follow these standards, but in many cases create their own ways of doing things without fully defining how they are done. In the past, other Internet browsers would try to imitate these new standards, creating entirely new ways of integrating the standards and a huge mess along the way.

With the introduction of Webkit, a much more unified way of processing the Internet came about.

and remember!, the best you can do is to disable as many plugins and extensions as possible, oh and Javascript. pages will load bearly instantly as you will not have to worry about background loading of ads and scripts running.

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Wilfredvr8 days ago


First of all install Ccleaner to get rid of the unwanted files on your system.
Then download Chromium (smaller version of google chrome)

Hope this will help!

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srb25k2 days ago

Use Firefox . I also use it for my old PC which has much lower config then yours .

You can download it from:

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TeacupWithHorse2 days ago

Firefox is the best answer. Every time you open Chrome, it uses up nearly all of your RAM (2GB to be exact) because it's collecting data from users.

Or you can try . It bases on Chrome's open source code but very lite and fast.

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