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Created by stevebill, 659 days ago, 1227 views

Is there a good free registry cleaner besides ccleaner
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thsigit659 days ago

I've been using ccleaner for years. Recently I got acquainted to Wise Registry Cleaner and it seems that the latter cleans so much more.

Download free version here

Can also try portable version is here:

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ha14658 days ago


Glary utilities


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FixitJorge658 days ago

Here are the best Alternatives to CCleaner:

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is a great registry cleaner program - it's one of the easiest registry cleaners to use out of all the tools. very little setting and very nicely organised report. if you like nice and simple
try this one.

Wise registry cleaner includes very fast registry scans, scheduled scans, in place updates, and a clear separation between normal issues and those that are "unsafe," a feature I loved.

Glarysoft's Registry Repair is a good free registry cleaner. simple to use and is a good option alternative to CCLEANER.

Advanced SystemCare is great for the nontech-savvy because you don’t even have to view the results to repair them. Moreover, you could actually shut down or restart your PC when the cleaning is finished.

Note: some of these programs may ask to install other programs before or after installing, but they're easy to deselect it if you wish not to install it.

important features to look for in a registry cleaner are:

1. automatic backup
2. scheduled scans
3. automatic shutdown or restart when cleaning is finished.

I hope this list helps you target the best one for your style, but anyone of these are good and I'm sure they will make you happy. :)

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rhett_boyd658 days ago

Advanced SystemCare

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WaggieBoi657 days ago

RegSeeker.exe (FULL) is totally Free BUT you can choose if you WANT to pay them a Donation if you're happy with their services?! though be careful as it IS an aggressive cleaner!!
Blessings to you.

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