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How Euask pays its users? Reward $1
Created by bagaswh24, 237 days ago, 476 views

Just want to know.
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nuklin237 days ago

@bagaswh24 does not reward anyone per say rather it is the person who needs answers to a question they asked, that rewards the person whose answer is deemed “correct answer” to the question.

This is how it works; the reward is deducted from the balance account of the questioner at the instance he or she selects the reward for whoever answers their question correctly.

I mean, once you ask a question and set a reward for the correct answer. That money you set is immediately deducted from your balance and put in pool of rewards or funds and will be released to the recipient only after you have chosen the recipient's answer as best answer.

The reward is then kept in the recipient’s account until the recipient accumulates up to $10 or 290 points then the recipient can demand for a “transfer out.” then releases the reward to the recipient’s active PayPal account within 7 to 14 days of funds transfer request. The receiver or recipient who started by answering the question correctly, can then cash out. Cheers.

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AAA1992237 days ago

pay to your paypal account .and pay with bank wire transfer .
I received two payment of euask .
first payment 12 Dollar.
second payment 15 Dollar.

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FixitJorge235 days ago

they pay their users from the advertising dollars they make from their application.

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Pravy221 days ago

Euask pays its users. I have earned in total of $80+ till date.

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srb25k221 days ago

They pay via PayPal or direct to your account
1) For PayPal limit is $10.
2) For account transfer it is $200

And they have reward points system is also. For certain amount of reward points we can redeem them into money or iphone 6 or ipad

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