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Is that we pay by punishment in life for the sin committed by our ancestors.? Reward $1
Created by kamlost, 1180 days ago, 884 views

If yes we are really in hill
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goaskdad1180 days ago

This concept, of paying for the sin's and misdeeds of our forefathers, originated in the Old Testament of the Christian Holy Bible. Without delving into the differences between the Old Testament and the New, just relax and realize that you are responsible only for your own actions in the here and now. Speaking from personal experience, if I've learned anything along the way during my 58 year journey upon this earth, it is that "what comes around, goes around". In other words, Karma does exist no matter what you call it, there is a Universal system of justice that uniquely punishes the evildoers and their misdeeds; conversely, it also rewards those of us who strive to do good and with the best of intentions. Again, you are not responsible for anyone but yourself.

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salissa101179 days ago

i agree with @goaskdad

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Aravi1179 days ago

Hi @kamlost

Sin is a concept of paying for act committed. A degree of act committed by ancestor will always affect their generations.

A simple example is grandpa have diabetic will rise you to get the same.

We share the genetic diseases with ancestor.

If the parent bought a land automatic that will arrive the child. Similar to the same if parent bought vengeance or genetic defeat, the same going to be affect the child.

But this can't be regarded as hell. Because, these type of inheritance thing expected to reduce or cure day by day. Depending on your act. This is nature and can be regarded as gift of god.


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