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Black screen i get black screen and it happens a lot how to fix this Reward $1
Created by sumeru, 663 days ago, 1150 views

I get black screen and it happens a lot how to fix this
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nuklin662 days ago

A black screen could signify a bad Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). One way to rectify this, is to heat up the GPU with halogen bulb but this method is only a temporary solution.

The best thing to do, is to get another GPU, if it is a single unit but, it it is attached to the mother board then you need to change the mother board completely.

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rhett_boyd662 days ago

Maybe you shoulв try to turn it off and on

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Crash1950662 days ago

call your network provider

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salissa10661 days ago

usually it just means that u need a new phone, the battery is fried, or ur screen has gotten dust into it.

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patrickahla661 days ago

Do a complete factory restore.

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Aravi661 days ago

Hi @sumeru

You are getting black screen. On what ? What is your os and device ?

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ha14661 days ago


windows restore point can help
can be graphic card driver so reinstall

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WaggieBoi657 days ago

depends on what Device and System ??, could you please be a little more detailed on you situation?! thank your and blessings

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sumeru654 days ago

its a acer aspire one

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thsigit654 days ago

How much RAM do you have? Which applications open when your screen gets black? What's the behaviour: is your screen gets black and your laptop turned off or the screen just off and then turned on again?

Anyway, I will assume that your screen gets black but the computer is still running. If that's the case, either you have a driver problem, or memory problem. Possibly you have a hard disk error problem too (it's too old and gonna die soon), but I will ignore that because the solution is obvious (replace the hard disk).

If you have a driver problem, update the driver might solve the problem. Quite rarely, a certain driver conflict with another driver, in which case it is quite hard to troubleshoot which one cause the problem. Uninstalling some software might help.

You can also try It scans your computer for updated drivers. Looks like a decent software to me.

If you have a memory problem, you need to upgrade your RAM. If somehow you can't upgrade your RAM, you need to find a light-weight alternatives for your software. Most FOSS are more lightweight than proprietary software because they don't register as much in the registry. You can also try portable apps which do not require installations.

If your memory problem is due to browser (e.g open too many tabs), you can look for addons (Chrome) or plugins (Firefox) to clear you memory. Yes, browsers use a lot of RAM when idle.

Cleaning your registry can also help you, even if only a little bit. I am using a portable version of Wise Registry Cleaner here:

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vintarist649 days ago

Cкачайте активатор и всё будет хорошо

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JohnnyCash12598 days ago

You are getting black screen. On what ? What is your os and device ?
run 3

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