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Too Many Cleaners ?! Reward $1
Created by WaggieBoi, 142 days ago, 734 views

Is having too many cleaners on my Computer Good or Bad for my System ?.. If "Unhealthy" for my System, can you please give a detailed account of how and why, thank you and blessings
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voineaadi139 days ago

No such thing as too many cleaners. Why? Because they all tend to clean different areas of the system. As long as you will not run them on your startup, you will be fine. Just make sure you run everything automatically. I always have between 10 and 20 maintenance software on my system. They all perofrm slightly different functions and they achieve wonders tigether. It's like a very complex and beautiful symphony that requires strong team work.

I hope that I have cleared your concerns and answered your questions.


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WaggieBoi141 days ago

Maklumat yang anda berikan tidak mempunyai apa yang saya bertanya? Saya ingin tahu tentang mempunyai banyak Pembersih di Komputer saya dan jika ia baik atau buruk untuk Sistem saya ?? Terima kasih kerana maklumat anda TETAPI tidak terima kasih dan Tuhan memberkati. =
( translation )
= That information you have given has NOTHING to do with what I was asking ?! I was wanting to know about having to many Cleaners on my Computer and if it was good or bad for my System ?? Thank you for your information BUT no thank you and God bless.

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SoftGuitar140 days ago


I use Advanced System Care 10 and the Wise Disk Cleaner ... then the Wise Registry cleaner and finally the Iobit Smart Defrag 5 every morning and after my computer is cleaned..... I sign onto the internet and run the IObit Malware Fighter and sign onto the runs in the back ground as I am online with my browser

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WaggieBoi140 days ago

lol I have ~ Free Windows Registry Repair ~ Wise Registry Cleaner ~ Wise Care 365 ~ Advanced.S.Care 10 ~ Smart Defrag 5 ~ 1Obit Uninstaller ~ 1Obit Malware ~ McAfree and I just Downloaded a new one called RegSeeker lol. The reason for the question in the first place was that my System was a little sluggish with the CPU sounding like it was being throttled until I ran the "Dell Support Assistance" which put my CPU percentage down between 1 to 5%. So how's your System running with them Cleaners @SoftGuitar ??..

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Aravi140 days ago

Hi @WaggieBoi

If the all are stable. It won't harm you directly. It have indirect impact. All will scan computer and take your RAM space and processor power. This will result in slowing your computer. If dead log condition occurs, will crash the computer etc.


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WaggieBoi140 days ago

Many thanks for your response but I seemed to have resolved the problem via my "Dell Support Assistance and Diagnosis" and found that a little of my problem was because I upgraded my CPU Processor and just needed to Update my BIOS which I have now done !.
Thank You again and blessings

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xilolee139 days ago

Hi WaggieBoi. :-)

"Is having too many cleaners on my Computer Good or Bad for my System ?"

Having them is not bad, but if you use them all you can cause serious problems to your OS.
The best practice is to use Windows disk cleanup, or Windows cleanmgr from an elevated command prompt.
You can set cleanmgr settings with this command:

cleanmgr /sageset:1

Then you can run cleanmgr with the settings you have chosen with this other command:

cleanmgr /sagerun:1

Another Windows command you can use to optimise your OS is:

dism /online /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup /resetbase

If you still are not glad, then you can start to use third party software.
Wise Care 365 or Wise Disk Cleaner serve a lot of users very well.
Another well known company is piriform ccleaner.
After all, you can decide what's your preferred third party tool.
The ones I mentioned allow to create customized rules: not every third party tool allows this flexibility.

"If "Unhealthy" for my System, can you please give a detailed account of how and why"

Sometimes third party tools can cause strange problems.
That's why you should choose one in which you have confidence (because you tested it over the years).
And that's also why you should have at least a system image (and a backup, or more backups, of your important files).

Hope this helps.

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goaskdad138 days ago

I use three on my AIO W10 desktop, all three chosen and used for their ease of use, effectiveness, and low-impact on my CPU and resources. The first one is Glary Utilities Pro, CC cleaner, and Wise Care Assistant Pro. All three are available for safe download from Bleeping Computer.Com. I don't know which I would chose as my favorite among them, all three optimize and improve and each has their own strong points. Although not requested, I use and recommend Webroot Secure as the best paid anti-virus available, with HitMan Pro and Malwarebytes on standby.

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salissa10138 days ago

no it is not

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patrickahla138 days ago

To many cleaners can cause conflict on your PC.They may do more damage than good.

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ha14137 days ago


depends on the source of the two many cleaners, some are well studied to not cause problems, unless windows itself is not in good shape. if they are microsoft certified then they should be safe i think more than 2 is not advised. Most cleaners will clean temporary files, cookies, thumnail they are safe to for registry cleaners things are different and too many cleaners might not well make restore points to revert back in case of problems.

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Wilfredvr134 days ago

To much ain't a good idea.
Try Ccleaner or Wise registry cleaner, far out the best.

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WaggieBoi134 days ago

"Woe" "How Many Cleaners ??.." BUT I do like your description of them Working Together as a Symphony which is 'NOW' how mine seems to be working!, though beforehand it sounded like my CPU was being throttled to death BUT I found out that it was because I needed to Update my BIOS after putting in an Upgraded Processor, Durh!!.
Thanks for the info' anyway my friend and blessings to you.

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WaggieBoi134 days ago

Thanks alot my friend, already knew some of what you mentioned and many thanks for the new info' also but I found out why my CPU sounded like it was being throttled to death and it was just because I needed to Update my BIOS after Upgrading my Processor, thanks again and blessings to you.

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WaggieBoi134 days ago

Thanks for the info' bro, blessings to you my friend

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WaggieBoi134 days ago

Thanks alot for your info' and advice my friend. Blessing to you.

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WaggieBoi134 days ago

Thanks mate

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WaggieBoi134 days ago

Yeah, think I had that Problem myself years back BUT the Cleaners I have NOW are safe, just wondering if 'Too Many' could be a Prob'?.. thanks anyway my friend and blessings to you

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WaggieBoi134 days ago

@xilolee -
@ha14 -
Thanks a lot to the both of you, also very good answers and information, shame I couldn't also give you both a Dollar for your response.
Blessing to you both

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