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Best video play with low battery usage for wndows ? Reward $1
Created by AAA1992, 73 days ago, 452 views

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ha1473 days ago


Media Players and Video Formats: A Detailed Battery Life Analysis

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mdaffronte71 days ago

download windows 7 codec files

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gcryall71 days ago

juice defender

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fr71 days ago

Friv is one of the most famous sit web to play games.

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gcryall70 days ago

On My Phone

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AAA199269 days ago

no ,on windows

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yogisugandi2568 days ago

Tested: VLC vs. Windows 10 video player. The winner may surprise you.

A midrange test laptop

For my testing platform, I picked Toshiba’s new Radius 12 running Windows 10. The laptop gave me Intel’s latest Skylake CPU, a moderately sized battery, and, with its 4K panel, the low end of run time. I actually wanted a laptop with a modest battery life rather than, say, Microsoft’s Surface Book, which can take half a day to zero. Even if another laptop has a larger battery, or a smaller screen, however, I believe the results should scale.

The test conditions

I know from the excellent testing that’s Tim Schiesser ran two years ago that lower resolution and lower bit rate increases battery life. For my test, I wanted to keep the video expectations very high, so I used the same 6GB UltraHD 4K Tears of Steel video (open-source) that I used in my MacBook Pro 13 vs. Surface Book shootout. It’s a 74.4Mbps .MOV file with a resolution of 3840x1714, encoded in H.264 using the high 5.1 profile.

The screen was set at a relatively bright 260 nits (as close as I could get to 250) and the audio was on. I even used the same Samsung earbuds as I did with the MacBook Pro 13 vs. Surface Book shootout.

All of the testing was done on Windows 10 before the TH2 patch was released, and in airplane mode. Besides manually setting the screen brightness, all of the testing was also done with the default power settings for the OS.

Battery life was measured using an external, self-powered USB probe that logged when power was supplied to the USB port. Each run drained the battery until the laptop could no longer be powered on.

The results

For many people, the results will be surprising. Most people “in the know” skip the default options for their video player of choice because other settings are “better” or more “efficient.” My results disprove this from a battery-life aspect

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AAA199268 days ago

is boring Player

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jiayi663201668 days ago


MX VideoPlayer

MX VideoPlayer is the most power-saving video player compared to other players. Can be directly decoded to play almost all the mainstream video format without the need to pre-conversion into mobile phone-specific video formats, MP4, MKV, 3GP, AVI DIVX, F4V, FLV, RMVB, MPEG, MOV, VOB, WMV, WEBM, XviD, etc. Although the download can be thrown into the phone directly after the play, basically flat / mobile phone on the universal player!

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ShaneBolt67 days ago

I usually use VLC

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AAA199267 days ago

I told on windows .

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jiayi663201666 days ago


Potplayer, or KMplayer.

These two players take up memory is relatively low, and its picture quality is very clear, you can try on Windows.

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