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How repair a usb stick Reward $1
Created by kings, 254 days ago, 1050 views

I forgot to take out my usb stick using the softwared, just pulled it out of usb on my computer.
It now says it needs reformat for me to use it, and i will then loose all my data.

Does anyone have clues to how can fix it without loosing my data
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AAA1992254 days ago


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ha14254 days ago


You can try on other pc??? MAC..Linux...

open device manager
locate your USB KEY, do you see a yellow sign?
right click on it and choose uninstall
Reboot (caution sometime depending on the problem, winodws might not recognize at all your USB KEY)

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CoolCat251 days ago

you can try to repair it with utilities like Adata USB Flash Drive Online Recovery,
JetFlash Online Recovery,
JetFlash Recovery Tool (for Transcend and Jetflash),
SP Recovery Tool Utility (for Silicon Power)

or reformat usb and recover deleted files with Hetman Partition Recovery,
MediaRECOVER 4.0 (for Kingston)

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nuklin229 days ago


1. Click start, go to Control Panel, then Device Manager
2. Right-click “USB Mass Storage Device”, and select “Uninstall”
3. Unplug the Flash Drive and wait a few seconds
4. Plug it back in
5. Windows will give you the same “disk not formatted” error - don't worry...
6. Do not format the drive – click cancel
7. Then safely remove hardware (like you would normally)
8. Remove the flash drive, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in.
9. Now that it has been “safely removed”, Windows should give you a message saying “do you want to Scan and Fix” – Click the “Scan and Fix” button.
10. Check “Automatically fix file system errors” and “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors”
11. Click “Start” to start the scan, wait for it to complete… Goodluck


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gladys06227 days ago

If you are using Windows 7 then carry out the following steps to repair the USB Flash Drive:

Insert the USB drive into the USB port of your system.
Go to My Computer>Removable Disk Icon.
Right click the Removable Disk Icon and open its Properties.
Click on the Tools tab.
Click “Rebuild” button.

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Aravi226 days ago

Hi @kings

This will happen only in windows. You can copy the data before you format. For the same, You need to plugin in linux or mac computer.


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WaggieBoi223 days ago

Hey dude, have you sorted your problem out yet??.. If Not, then these Links below would be your best bet - -

As, we all know, formatting will erase all the data on a hard drive, USB or memory card. But in some special cases, you have to format your USB to fix some issue. Then finding a way to fix damaged USB flash drive without losing data become quite important. Here, you are recommended to perform a fast data recovery to recover files from flash drive before formatting it for reuse, if you want to keep all your files. EaseUS file recovery software, a professional program which is helpful in all data loss cases, for example, recover files from flash drive not recognized, recover data from raw drive, convert raw to NTFS or fat 32, etc can help you to do this job with ease.With its powerful data recovery capacity, it is the best solution for you to do format USB flash drive without losing data.  
Recover data from USB flash drive without formatting.
Step 1. Launch EaseUS file recovery software, select disk partition or storage location where you lost data and click "Scan".

Step 2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will start a quick scan first;
After the quick scan, a deep scan will automatically start to find more data;

Step 3. Preview and restore lost data;
You can preview found data by file types, select found data and click "Recover" to save them to another safe spot in PC/storage device.

Finishing all the above steps, you can fully recover files from flash drive. And then you can try Windows disk management tool to format USB flash drive without worrying about data loss problem. Now, just try it by yourself! 

I hope that will sort out your problem

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WaggieBoi223 days ago

Not to worry, this should be straightforward. Although feel free to ask again if the following method does not work.

Firstly, find out the drive letter that your USB stick is. Let's say for argument's sake that it is the F drive.

Go to the start menu, and search for "run". Open that and type CMD. Depending on your Windows version, you can simply type CMD into the search bar and open the Command Prompt.

When this is open, type the following, without the brackets: [Chkdsk F: /r] Also remember that I am using the letter F as a reference, yours may be another but you can find it in My Computer.

Back to the point, when you have pressed enter, it will start repairing damaged files and you will see some of your filenames (relief!) before it finally asks if you want to save lost chains into another location. These are essentially remnants of damaged files, I tend to click "Yes" just in case.

Your USB drive should now be working, please let me know how you get on!

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ToniWeller155 days ago

If you still searching how to recover lost data, try Disk Drill

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copperlucy56141 days ago

I had the same problem, and RePicvid Free Photo Recovery successfully recover files from formatted USB stick. It is easy and effective.

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