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Do Hosting Raja charge extra for backup in VPS or cloud hosting? Reward $2
Created by shivangisharma1, 203 days ago, 435 views

I am planning to buy VPS or Cloud Hosting from Hosting Raja. As i didn't find information about the backup charges on their website. Do they charge extra for backup?
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sunilsingh123202 days ago

Hosting Raja dosen't charge extra for backups in VPS and Cloud Hosting. I am using Hosting Raja VPS for 1 year now and they are providing me a pretty decent service.

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diyasingh1111201 days ago

No hosting raja dosent charge for backpus in vps and cloud hosting:

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jiayi6632016194 days ago

@shivangisharma1 extra charge
2.we will provide weekly and monthly backup free with server, manually you can take daily backup from control panel.

if you require daily backup manullay you can take it from control panel , it will be store in your server space which you will purchase from us, weekly and monthly backup we will provide you free, if you want to more clear answer kindly share your contact no.

For you have a specific do not understand where you can open the site of the lower right corner of the artificial customer service advice.

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torilori170 days ago

Solar energy

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