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Frequent crashes.CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED Reward $1
Created by gottagame0003, 29 days ago, 215 views

I'm having these frequent blue screen of death due error 0x000000EF CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED.It had been lurking in my pc.It is seasonal and appears the most when I play games.Please help me out.
OS:-Windows 10.0.10586.0.
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ha1429 days ago


try to reinsatall/update your graphic card
check your powersuply

Driver Verifier

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Aravi27 days ago

Hi @gottagame0003

Run the system file checker, follow the instructions below:

1 Start your PC in Safe Mode (Shift + F8 during PC startup)
2 Go to Advanced Repair Options –> Troubleshoot –> Advanced Options –> Windows Startup Settings
3 Select Restart to restart the computer
4 Now the PC will start with advanced startup options. You will need to select Safe Mode to start your PC in Safe Mode
5 Open command prompt with administrative privileges and run the following command:
sfc /scannow

Make sure that you have the installation DVD of the version of Windows you’re running. The system file checker may ask for the DVD if it finds any problems with the installed system files.


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Kosio24 days ago

0x000000EF: CRITICAL PROCESS DIED is caused from windows process that cant start up or it crashes.
First try to run your PC in safe mode -->WinKey + R -> msconfig - > Boot -> Safe boot -> Minimal and then restart your PC
Now check if the problem is still here if it doesnt go to (1) if it is here go to (2)

1) You may have a virus so scan your pc with Malwarebytes: (Free version)
2) Try uninstalling your Antivirus software / other software that you think is modifying/conflicting with the system
3) Update your drivers: (Free version)
4) WinKey + R -> cmd -> sfc /scannnow to check for corrupted system files
5) If nothing help try restoring your PC from System Restore Point (Restore the PC from the point that the issue appear)

1) Repeat the steps from (1)
2) If this doesnt help Reinstall Windows :-(

Hope I help you! Have a nice day!

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jiayi663201616 days ago

There are two possibilities:
1. When you play the game, CPU temperature is too high. You can re-apply some of the thermal grease on the CPU, the other card also need to apply some thermal grease. Inside the chassis and install the cooling fan, Remove the memory stick and clean the dust,and then try to restart.

2.The system is broken. Directly to verify the system disk reload system on the line, so that you can automatically complete the process, the smooth solution to the system blue screen, can not enter the desktop ... U disk or hard disk can be used, and the installation speed is very fast installation method as follows:

1), U disk installation: use ULTRAISO software, open the downloaded system installation disk file (ISO file), the implementation of "write image file" to the Ù disk into the computer, click "OK", wait for the implementation of the program, So do a good job to start and install the system with the ü disk, with this system to do a good boot system boot disk, you can successfully reload the system;

2), hard disk installation: provided that there is a need to properly run the Windows system, extract the downloaded ISO file "* .GHO" and "install the system .EXE" to the computer's non-system partition, and then run the "installation system .EXE ", confirm the restore operation directly, and confirm that the automatic installation operation is performed again (note the important data before the implementation).

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