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SSD menu not show. Reward $1
Created by scsi, 32 days ago, 200 views

I have windows 10 pro on ssd, why Wise Registry Cleaner not show ssd menu for optimization?

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ha1432 days ago


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jiayi663201626 days ago


1, the new purchase of the SSD received on the computer, boot. Generally the first time you connect to a computer, the system will automatically install the driver.

2, the installation is complete, you can "Device Manager" to view the SSD information. Right click on "My Computer", select "Manage", then select "Device Manager", in the "disk drive" can view the disk information, since SSD has been installed on the driver. But this time in my computer and will not find a new disk. Because the next step is the "initialization" of the focus.

3, right-click "My Computer", select "Management", then select "Device Manager", then will pop up "Initialize the disk" dialog box, which is "initial" SSD main operation. We need to select the SSD disk partition form. For the average user, select "MBR (master boot record)", click "OK" to complete the initialization SSD operation. "MBR" is the master boot record, which is a boot sector on the front end of the drive when the IBM-compatible hard disk or removable disk is partitioned. Only to create a master boot record can be often said that the partition operation.

"GPT" is mainly the pursuit of extreme performance of the players to use the "high" on the complex method to use. There is no longer described here, to avoid interference.

4, at this time, SSD initialization work even if completed. We can use to see the disk information to see the disk at this time in the "online" state,

If you click Cancel in the Initialize Disk dialog box, or if it is not initialized at the time of the initial connection, the system considers the disk to be "offline"

At this point, as long as manually select the "initialization disk", you can again pop-up "initialization disk" dialog box. And then step 3 to complete the initialization SSD operation can be.

5, SSD has created the master boot record, initialization is complete, we see the capacity part is "unassigned". This means that SSD has not been partitioned. Only the partition operation can read and write data, here to share.

5.1 first right-click the disk unallocated part, select "new simple volume"

5.2 The "New Simple Volume Wizard" dialog box will pop up and select "Next" to:

5.3 Specify the volume size, that is, the partition size. The default size of the system is the size of the whole disk, the user can choose according to their own needs. Set the size, the system unit is MB, 1024MB = 1GB, obsessive-compulsive disorder patients can convert their own.

5.4 "Formatting" settings. This operation is closely related to "4K alignment" in the previous tutorial. Format the settings, the file system to select the default "NTFS" partition format, the allocation of cell size to select the default "default", then the "next" to ensure that the partition after the SSD is "4K alignment".

In other words, the format operation, as long as the default "next step", SSD partition is "4K alignment". Windows 7 and above can be performed according to the default operation.

5.5 Assign the drive letter and path. This is the SSD partition assigned to the letter, only the allocation of the letter in order to "My Computer" to find the partition. Generally default will be assigned to the last letter, directly "next" can be.

5.6 Partition information check. At this point the dialog box will create all the parameters of the partition operation for the user to confirm. After confirmation, click "Finish", the system will format the SSD operation, create a partition.

5.7 After the partition is complete, the new partition will be able to see in the "My Computer". Create a partition size of 29.5GB, the allocation of the letter for the F disk, partition format NTFS format.

At this point, SSD initialization partition operation is complete. The system will prompt to find a new disk, we can store their own data in the SSD. If you need more than one partition, just repeat the above operation can be.

The above is mainly for the use of SSD as a data disk and encountered "can not find the disk" situation. If it is directly used SSD installed system to use, do not have such a trouble. Use WIN7, WIN8 system installation disk to start, select the drive in the installation process of advanced options, you can partition the partition and format the partition. At this time the partition is automatically "4K alignment", no worries.

Open AHCI, "4K alignment", SSD initialization, which is the basic requirement to use SSD. As long as the user in the use of SSD to meet these three basic points, you can experience the feeling of the computer flying! Start SSD, remember to check whether to meet these three basic points Oh!

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isaiah0526 days ago

You have to format this drive.
Click start, run diskmgmt.msc (Disk Management). Locate your drive (unallocated space) right click, choose format. Format it with NTFS, assign drive letter. Done.

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kaljukass20 days ago

Why should registry cleaner show SSD menu? Very interesting to get know.

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Kosio18 days ago

SSD doesn't really need an optimization just ignore it! You actually don't need to clean your PC when you have SSD!

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apk198217 days ago

try tools from here:

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