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Created by alidaeh, 100 days ago, 514 views

What's license key
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Aravi99 days ago

Hi @alidaeh

A license key is a data string that verifies authorized software product access. This type of software security helps prevent software piracy and gives organizations the ability to protect their software from unauthorized copying or sharing by unlicensed users. It is also called as product key.

For more details kindly find the below article.


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Pouya99 days ago

in simple words
license key or cdkey or product keys are CODES or Serial numbers created by company whos create softwares or Games if they don't use this code s for lock they softwares why we must pay them why they must develop apps ? they sell this serial numbers to us u know bro programing is a job they must earn money bro

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jiayi663201699 days ago

The main use of the computer software license word used to express the meaning of authorization.

Charging software in general users need to buy a license to use. License key is the authorization code, the meaning of the license code, after you buy the software to get a license key, used to make your software legitimate registration, with the previous concept of registration code almost. Is the registration code and the like, verify the genuine use. When installing the software a lot of need this thing.

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rohinraha93 days ago

Software companies sell software and control their sales from a multi-digit code with the names of: software serial, activation ID, license, activation code, etc. The following multi-digit soft-license code The software is said to be.

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it9computers83 days ago

A license key is basically a proof of purchase tag, Its a serial number that allows the company that sold the software to confirm you actually purchased it. hope that answers your question.

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idontcare83 days ago

its a serial for the Programme

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Kosio81 days ago

Just see the wiki lol:

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apk198280 days ago

It is a combination of the machine number and some other information; it is unique to a particular machine and cannot be used on other machines.

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