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Why startup time for firefox is slow? Reward $1
Created by mskk1962, 287 days ago, 1149 views

Pl ans wer
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AAA1992287 days ago

check this link

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Aravi287 days ago

Hi @mskk1962

The last option is to preform clean install.


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jdb152286 days ago

Even better you should just uninstall firefox completely and use chrome

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jiayi6632016278 days ago


Method 1: Modify the about: config method

Originally this method in some articles that is to speed up the browsing speed, but I found that you can also play a FireFox start time to reduce the problem.

First in the FireFox address bar, enter "about: config", and so on after the system call in accordance with the following steps:

Change "network.http.pipelining" to ture

Change "network.http.proxy.pipelining" to ture

Change "network.http.pipelining.maxrequests" to 8

Method 2: Increase the startup parameter method

Right click on the FireFox shortcut, in the "Properties" - "Shortcut" - "target", plus the parameter "/ Prefetch: 1". Ie "C: \ Program Files \ Mozilla Firefox \ firefox.exe" / Prefetch: 1 "(Note:" / "before the space)

There is also a way to increase the "-turbo", the specific method of operation with the same as above.

Method 3: Turn off the anti-virus software method

Many friends said FireFox open slow is due to antivirus software reasons, may be with Rising or Kaspersky and other anti-virus software conflict, so turn off the anti-virus software to open fast, huh, huh. This is actually nothing, because now the vast majority of online viruses are for the IE kernel browser, even with FireFox streaking is also very safe.

Method 4: Other methods

Such as closing other extension plug-in method, remove the skin and Theme, cancel the automatic update and so on.

Some friends say that if you use the SWITCH PROXY plugin, where the NOTIFY ME OF UPDATE option will cause FireFox suspended animation. Also SAVED SESSION / RESTORE TAB may also cause.

Make Firefox preloaded silently in the background at system startup

This will be very effective if Firefox is cold start (that is, the first boot every time) takes too long.

1. Open the Windows startup folder: C: \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu \ Programs \ StartUp. Note: You may need to have administrator privileges on your system.

2. Copy the shortcut on the desktop or elsewhere by pressing Ctrl + C, and then in the folder that you opened in the previous step, press Ctrl + V to paste the Firefox shortcut into the startup folder.

3. Right-click the Firefox shortcut located in the Startup folder and select Properties.

4. At the end of this item, paste the append_silent. Note that there are 1 space in front of the parameter.

5. Finally click OK to save. So that the next time the operating system starts Firefox will automatically in the background once preloaded.

Note: Some security software may prompt you to add a system startup item, which is generated by this operation. This is quite safe and will not have much impact on your boot speed. The benefits of this method are not dependent on third-party procedures, without additional process assistance, without additional resources.

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rohinraha275 days ago

If start Firefox , but is not accountable , Firefox hangs or is not responding - How to fix .

* If Firefox Generally will start Firefox won 't start , - find solutions

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kaljukass265 days ago

So many mistakes!
If you even are not able to copy correctly, it means without mistakes, do not do it.
No one do not needs bad and misleading texts which are full of mistakes.

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idontcare265 days ago

i'm use google chrom its beter

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jiayi6632016264 days ago

You said I wrote are wrong, why do not you give the correct answer? Since you do not know the correct answer, there are evidence that I wrote the wrong, is simply missing children, chaos piano, absurd.

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stream26259 days ago

Random question, but do you have a custom theme installed?
I'd been using Wongs OS integration theme for years, and Firefox startup suddenly got really slow, even in safe mode. I finally tracked it down by observing network traffic during startup, and I saw the theme URL wasn't resolving. I uninstalled the theme and reinstalled from , and it fixed the problem.

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zakariayourid258 days ago

win+R wrait C:\Users\your_user\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla and clear that its well done

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Zer0007257 days ago

Yeah i have same probleme but i test the solutions in that topic and it works ty

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Bill99257 days ago

Agree, this is a big problem!

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Bill99257 days ago

Yes, it is really big problem!
I found a way out of this situation, I downloaded the Google Chrome.
If I searching for essays online
I always try to use this browser.
Google is really safe!.

Best Regards,

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goaskdad239 days ago

Several years ago, FF was the fastest and best browser available; it was my hands down favorite every time I logged on. However, somewhere along the way, with the constant efforts to improve the browser, the Mozilla team ruined a once fine product. It became slow and crashed constantly and no amount of time spent on the Mozilla supported fixes ever lasted very long. You can command prompt, uninstall, restart with add-on's disabled and every other recommendation and have the same issue occur again the next day. I switched to Chrome and haven't had an issue since; I would also recommend Opera as being a carefree and convenient browser.

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Bill99100 days ago

Yes, it is really big problem!
I found a way out of this situation, I downloaded the Google Chrome.
I have found very good service on this browser.
Google is really safe!.

Best Regards,

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