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Memory usage is always over 75% (8GB RAM) Reward $1
Created by Gtorok, 225 days ago, 709 views

I have a laptop with 8 Gb RAM. The laptop was fast untill last weekend. (The small icon of wise care 365 always shows the current memory usage it was generally 25-30%) something happened from that time, nowadays, the memory usage shows always over 75% sometimes over 80%!!!!!. The system start is good (18-20 sec), but operation is very slow, programs can't start, many times it can't load any web pages. I didn't install any program. In task manager I can't find any program which can overload the memory.
I use firefox, but the same is with opera.
- I run the wise care 365 more times
- Stopped/deleted the unused programs in start/quick start
- Run wise memory optimiser
- etc
Have anybody an idea, what the solution is, to reduce back the memory usage as it was earlier?

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Drmgiver225 days ago

Linux. The solution is definitely Linux.

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chakramed223 days ago

hi this is happning some time with some system.barckground services . like updates and some diagnostics operation . follow this guide ti reduce some services to runing on background .

this solution is for all Windows Os (7,8,10)

" Disable unwanted services and speed up Windows"
--go to start button --> write 'services.msc' and press enter .

you will found in this link many services to disable .

to disable some services like the following :

1) you will found in this link many services to disable .

2) use wise care to do this :
open wise care --> system tuneup --> startup manager --> and you may disable unwanted application : just hit the green bottom to disable

under the same windows go to services ---> under suggestion/rating and try to disable all service with (Disable) shown on this column

that's should do faster your computer enough.



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ha14223 days ago


scan with ESET SysInspector
maybe you get something a hidden process

Hitman Pro (free 1 month)


RegRun Standard

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yogisugandi25222 days ago

Page file does not slow down your system.
To enhance performance, it is good practice to put the paging file on a different partition and on a different physical hard disk drive. That way, Windows can handle multiple I/O requests more quickly.
Check with this option:
Change the size of virtual memory


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