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Computer viruses Reward $1
Created by Kip, 107 days ago, 564 views

Why do people create computer viruses to destroy some ones computer they don't even know?
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ha14107 days ago


Because they can end they enjoy it, sometime is like a challenge, especially when the virus pings back to the headquarter the success !

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yogisugandi25107 days ago

There are hundreds of thousands of viruses out there (if not millions) and they often designed for different objectives. Most of them fall under the following categories:

To take control of a computer and use it for specific tasks
To generate money
To steal sensitive information (credit card numbers, passwords, personal details, data etc.)
To prove a point, to prove it can be done, to prove ones skill or for revenge purposes
To cripple a computer or network

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CoolCat106 days ago

Unfortunately it's all about money, nothing else.
Everybody wants to keep their personal information safe, so people spend a lot of money to protect themselves from hacker attacks.
Also there is a viewpoint that antivirus companies create viruses to increase sales of their products.

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kacor11106 days ago


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joan1985106 days ago

because of money

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Aravi106 days ago

Hi @Kip

It is because of nature of people and the curiosity. This curiosity can be because of

1) Willingness to prove self.

2) Money and blackmailing for economic and other benefits

3) International cross border tension and affected peoples.

4) With intention to learn new things.

You can't help these people who hack others. It is totally waste of time to blame things in this world. It is wise to keep yourself safe.


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nihal29106 days ago

Hello @Kip
You now that there are millions of viruses . And hundreds of anti virus but I think these companies creat them and then they showoff there antivirus and cut our pockets.
Hope you got my point.

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PD740105 days ago

To help answer your question, we need to establish that their are different types of viruses, the type of virus helps us identify the motives of the people who write the codes. Now with that said; a malware virus is the kind that is designed with intent of a full system failure and boot loop with intent on harming your hardware and not just your data. Driver signing is one way they can shut down your hardware. In my opinion those who have the most to gain in this situation are the people who fix computers and the people who build computers. A data collection virus typically wont want you to know it is on your computer so it can steal as much data as possible; such as user passwords and credit card numbers that are stored in your system cache memory. Some data collection viruses rely on key logging which collects more personal information about the user by recording their keyboard input sequences; such as messages to co workers or friends. A data collection virus typically comes in the form of a trojan horse; like a program that does something but with those permissions it has it exploits to reroute data to a collection server in a background process while doing what it claims it does most pretend to be anti-virus but they come in the form of video players and media players also. The people in the data collection schemes they have something personally invested in the data, or the exchange of data. It is more of a criminal type virus as to where the malware is so people will buy new computers and sell their old ones that are outdated for cheap to someone who can fix it and sell it to someone.

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chakramed104 days ago

hellow not always destroy they need to controle your pc to get some information like personal username and password or credit cards information or other prisless information .


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WithoutA101 days ago

because they can make money on selling the "vaccine" to their own virus :)
do not forget, that depending on virus it might steal you bank acc pass and drive your money away from you :)

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jdb15286 days ago

There's many different types of virus's and each have different but specific purposes and and like almost everything else the majority of them ultimately have the same common goal, MONEY. There are some that are created from boredom or curiosity to see if they can get away with it. Similar to a child, when you tell them not to do something, instead of listening they take it as a as a challenge and cannot resist the urge to push the limits.

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quicktechbook84 days ago

Becasue they want to destory all the information of other person.

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zoozoorp84 days ago

yes so they can get all your personal info like for instance your credit cards and your id so they can hack into your computer and such so they can steal your indenty and such and then once they get what they are after they infect and destory your pc by virus so they can hide and erase their tracks from ever being in your computer and they get their kicks and joys out of it and they are so such sick and dispectble and horble people for doing so i myself know how you feel on this matter cause it has happen to me before

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garbo201984 days ago

to earn money, as simple as that

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