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Svchost.exe high data Internet usage in windows 10. what should I do? Reward $3
Created by AAA1992, 291 days ago, 793 views

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ab1936290 days ago


use BWMeter app
( )

it is good way to block program which u dont like use internet
good luck:)

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ha14291 days ago


scan with Hitman Pro (free for 1 month)

it can be BITS(Background Intelligent Transfer Service)

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ab1936290 days ago


This is exactly what u want
go to this video
and disable BITS service

and this one

u can use this website too

good luck budy :))

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voineaadi288 days ago


You need to disable the following services:
Background Intelligent Transfer Service ( BITS )
Open the drop down menu and select "Disabled"

run the following command in an elevated command prompt:
sfc / scannow


Get yourself a great antivirus or even a few different antiviruses.
Free stofware can be legally downloaded from the following website:
(They change it once in a while, so you have to keep your eye on it.)

A great antivirus in BitDefender.

If all else fails, format your C drive, install Windows, and start a new life.

That Internet usage might be normal, so no reason to worry. For example, Microsoft Windows will download and install updates, patches, etc. It is doing so through BIT ( Background Intelligent Transfer Service ).

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yogisugandi25287 days ago

That being said, Service Host(svchost.exe) is a generic service hosting container. Any number of required system services can be running in them, so I would not get rid of them. You can use Process Explorer to determine what services are running in the host container. My guess is it's Windows Update or BITS running. You can also verify if Windows Update is downloading anything with the following.

Press the ⊞ Win key type powershell, right click powershell and select Run As Administrator
In powershell type Get-BitsTransfer -AllUsers
If you see any job listed as Transfering then your computer is downloading an update. Queued indicates a download that will start soon

Background Intelligent Transfer service is used to download windows updates. If you disable it then you won't get updates.
It is designed to run during idle time and only utilizes unused bandwidth, so it shouldn't hinder any foreground applications.

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AAA1992280 days ago

thanks .this is good app for block windows update

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