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Recovering gmail password 5
Created by koroleva, 507 days ago, 932 views

I've been using the same password for my email for about 2 years. Then, one day Google suggested that I change my password which I did on my smartphone. Several days later, I wanted to check my emails from my laptop but I couldn't connect with my previous password obviously and I don't remember the new one. I'm connected in my phone so I can check my emails from there but I don't know the password. So I was wondering if there is any way I can get my password back or at least change it again from the smartphone.
Thank you!
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RoyFXHackers507 days ago

Hello ,

Maybe you can use this for the basic recovering gmail. First are you remember your phone numbers your register at , then are you remembers your recovering email , if you remember that it's so easy to recovering your password back.

1) you have use laptop / pc / mobile phone to open web browser
2 ) go to
3) enter your email then click forgot my password under button next
4) you just answer that gmail bring to you
5) then changes your password

that so simple , just you have to remember your pass and you can log in anywhere laptop/pc/smartphone.

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nihal29506 days ago

Simply click on forgot password option. And then it will ask how to recover it by receiving a SMS / call or by recovery email .
Try with SMS , it will ask last 4 digit of your phone then it will send you one time password to enter . And set new password.

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ab1936506 days ago


Hello Dear :)
U can use this link for recover ur Gmail password


good luck :)

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koroleva506 days ago


Thank you!

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Solands23501 days ago

Gmail customer support are definitely someone you can rely on. They reply promptly with your emails and issues. In fact, I have read a lot of positive rating at regarding their services, written by email users themselves.

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kamleshamj133 days ago

@koroleva Contact Official Gmail Support for Help where you can find tips and tutorials on using Gmail and other answers to frequently asked questions. Go Live Here for your all queries and problems regarding Gmail (Google Mail) Customer Support, Gmail Technical support, Gmail Official Support, Gmail Corporate Support, and who are looking for Gmail Support Phone Number over the internet. Because there is no phone support provided by Google. you can get help through below-mentioned URL's kindly visit there and discuss your issues with community members:

Contact Google for Gmail support and help issues >>
Contact Google via Gmail help & support forum >>
Contact Google for Gmail Account Recovery >>
Contact Google for G Suite support and help issues >>
For Gmail password recovery >>>
Steps to recover Gmail account at >>>

Thank you!

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sarahwilliam44 days ago

There is Following Step To Reset Your Gmail Password?
• Open your web browser and go to the Official website of Gmail
• Enter your Gmail email address and password in the log in fields. Then press Sign in.
• You will now be taken to your main Gmail inbox.
• Click on the ‘cog’ icon in the top right hand corner. Choose Settings.
• You will now be shown the 'General settings' options. The option to change password is in a different settings menu. Click on Accounts and Import along the top.
• Choose Change Password.
Still, you are unable to reset your Gmail password then you can contact Gmail password recovery phone number 1-833-284-2444.

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