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Recovering gmail password 5
Created by koroleva, 295 days ago, 680 views

I've been using the same password for my email for about 2 years. Then, one day Google suggested that I change my password which I did on my smartphone. Several days later, I wanted to check my emails from my laptop but I couldn't connect with my previous password obviously and I don't remember the new one. I'm connected in my phone so I can check my emails from there but I don't know the password. So I was wondering if there is any way I can get my password back or at least change it again from the smartphone.
Thank you!
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RoyFXHackers295 days ago

Hello ,

Maybe you can use this for the basic recovering gmail. First are you remember your phone numbers your register at , then are you remembers your recovering email , if you remember that it's so easy to recovering your password back.

1) you have use laptop / pc / mobile phone to open web browser
2 ) go to
3) enter your email then click forgot my password under button next
4) you just answer that gmail bring to you
5) then changes your password

that so simple , just you have to remember your pass and you can log in anywhere laptop/pc/smartphone.

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nihal29295 days ago

Simply click on forgot password option. And then it will ask how to recover it by receiving a SMS / call or by recovery email .
Try with SMS , it will ask last 4 digit of your phone then it will send you one time password to enter . And set new password.

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ab1936294 days ago


Hello Dear :)
U can use this link for recover ur Gmail password


good luck :)

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koroleva294 days ago


Thank you!

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Solands23289 days ago

Gmail customer support are definitely someone you can rely on. They reply promptly with your emails and issues. In fact, I have read a lot of positive rating at regarding their services, written by email users themselves.

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