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 What to do after the WannaCry attack? -

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What to do after the WannaCry attack? Reward $1
Created by HannaM, 482 days ago, 1114 views

How can we recover data if affected by the WannaCry virus?
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ToniWeller482 days ago

Immediately shut down your system if you have been affected by WannaCry and follow this tips:

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MrOwnage481 days ago

Sadly I don't think it's possible if you didn't create a backup. It uses military-grade encryption. Unless you have even higher capability decrpyting software it is not possible without backup.

The Disk Drill also needs payment to work...

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Misterheri481 days ago

I agree with MrOwnage, It's almost possible to open again your files normally, since they have 128 bits encryptions. Most of the software seems just to be a preventive and not curing. To cure your files again, the vendors need your original files (as backup) then they try to compare the original vs the infected. As long as you don't have any backing up before infected. It's almost impossible.

Anyway, I'd like to share you some tools as your reference from:

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nayers481 days ago

dont know exactly

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ha14481 days ago


How can we recover data if affected by the WannaCry virus?

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Brew3242480 days ago

Anyone reporting a bad link to you? I've tried a couple of times and Firefox keeps telling me it can't find the site.

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galaxor476 days ago

Can't you just format the computer and recover with Recuva or any program for recovering files? Well, I believe the Ransonware is ready for those things

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Zerone1993475 days ago

Firstly,you should take off your network cable from internate, but no need to shutdow your system. Because WannaCry will delete your files after it encryptes them. So if you havwn't shutdow up your system,the memory mush store some file remian, you can use some file recovery tool to recover it,but it cann't assure that it can revovery 100%

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jiayi6632016475 days ago

You can use Kaspersky virus software to kill the virus or reinstall the system, but can not restore the data.
If you want to restore data and clean up the virus, then the steps are more complicated, please note:

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Mathilda461 days ago

You can read this post in which information about wannacry and data recovery approach are included.

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Bro_Bro274 days ago

Recommendations for the prevention of infection with the virus WannaCry.

Check the computer for the vulnerability-virus encryptor WannaCry.

Decoding of CyptXXX B1, XORIST, XORBAT, NEMUCOD or TeleCrypty.

Decrypt the files after the cryptographer's virus.

Download free programs for decryption.

Protection from the virus encryptor.

a source:

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