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Question about Patreon and Youtube Reward $15
Created by MrOwnage, 129 days ago, 489 views

Hello everyone!

I've recently been making videos regarding games, mostly BlazBlue and Touhou so far. I've been now thinking about ways to turn video making into a living.

However, as we all know, Youtube doesn't allow monetization of videos with copyrighted content. As I need to use good songs to make the videos (can't go and add sound library or Kevin Macleod songs), I get Content ID matches, thus disabling this option.

Then I discovered Patreon, and thought that it would be a good way to do this. However, many artists allow utilization of their songs for "free", by that I mean for use in non-commercial projects.

Thus, I want to ask you. Is using Patreon and telling viewers about Patreon donations (which are totally optional of course) counted as commercial? Because then I can't use those songs and probably YT would get pissed about that kind of thing too, I guess.

I can't go with Kevin Macleod-kind of songs and YT sound library songs... as they are simply not fit for the kind of videos I make (mainly combo videos).

What are your thoughts?
Thanks for your answers in advance!
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Aravi126 days ago

Hi @MrOwnage

Frankly telling you, YouTube is very difficult platform, if you want to make money. The game should be explained with audio without music if you want monitoring.

But if the payment is only via donation then it will become more difficult for you. Because, your topic is not expected to be followed by donator type people.

Patreon could be a good for health discussion, people who work for blog of particular community or country or science and technology.

Donation from audience is not easy stuff. If you doubt check any linux destro community page and their donated list page.

I believe your topic can suit YouTube like platform more. Because it pays from ads.

Further, as a answer to your second question. A video can't be declared commercial of the owner as for donation to support his or her work. A video is called commercial if you ask to pay money in order to video or promote other product for money.

All the best for both YouTube and Patreon trial.

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Aravi129 days ago

Hi @MrOwnage

What is your channel name?

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MrOwnage129 days ago

Hi, and thanks for the reply. My channel name is Mr.Ownage FTW,with the same avatar I have here.

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Aravi129 days ago

Omg all about games. Nice!

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MrOwnage129 days ago

Yes, it is. Glad you like it ^^ However, I am not sure if linking it with my would-be Patreon page and posting it in my vids/the description counted as commercial use. In short, I am not sure if donations are counted as commercial.

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MrOwnage126 days ago

So? What do you guys think? Putting a link to my would-be Patreon page and mentioning donations is commercial use? Anything involving donations are commercial?

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MrOwnage123 days ago

Thanks for the detailed explaination! I asked this because I have seen other video makers like reviewers and even just combo video makers do ehat I was trying to do.

Also I can't use good music AND ads due to the YT Content ID system.

Regardless, once again thanks for the detailed answer and for taking your time!

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Aravi123 days ago

Hi @MrOwnage

No need to worry about music. Google Ads is multi million dollars ads platform. It is the one of the largest ads platform.

I am pretty sure you will be able to make money more in youtube then any other platform.

Concentrate on more detailed explanation.

Thanks for choosing my answer as the best answer.


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